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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, November 9, 1936.
香港英十一月九號 禮拜一


No 15049
Page 5



   Rousing, full throated choruses, skillful exhibitions of pioneering and bridge building and various other demonstrations of Boy Scout activities were given at the Hongkong Cricket Club on Saturday evening, when the first Grand Camp Fire Display of the combined Scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Cubs of Hongkong was magnificently presented by several hundred young and enthusiastic people.
   No time was wasted throughout the whole long programme, every item following on the last without a hitch, thanks to the well organised team work, and it was amply shown that Scouting is by far the best method of making a youngster keen, alert and efficient.
   When finally "God Save the King" and "Lights Out" brought a thoroughly enjoyable evening to a close, the large gathering of spectators Ieft with the feeling that their much needed contributions to the Association's coffers had not been wasted.
   The display was under the distinguished patronage of the Chief Scout for Hongkong, His Excellency the Governor, Sir Andrew Caldecott, who declared the Camp Fire open from a platform in the middle of a huge semi circle of Scouts, and was then conducted to his seat in the Cricket Club pavilion. His Excellency, accompanied by Lady Caldecott and Captain W.J.R.Cragg, A.D.C., was met on his arrival by the Scout Commissioner, the Rev. N.V.Halward, and other officers of the Boy Scouts' Association.
   Other notables present included Mons. Henry Valtorta, Vicar Apostolic of Hongkong, the Hon. Mr. R.H.Kotewall, Mr. A.el Arculli, Mr. M.J.Abbott, the Rev. H.W.Baines, and Mr. R.R.Todd.
   One of the main attractions was the band of the 1st. Bn. The Royal Ulster Rifles, present by kind permission of Lt. Col. R.M.Rodwell and Officers.
   In addition to the local troops and packs, a party of Deep Sea Scouts, under Fleet Scout Master Lawder lent a hand and Scouts from Canton, Chungshan and Macao were also present, the Portuguese giving a song and an instrumental number of their own.

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