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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, November 9, 1936.
英壹仟玖佰卅陸年拾壹月玖日 禮拜壹

No. 24407

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"We Exist And We Do Things"

   The Hong Kong Boy Scouts Association showed the local public that they "existed and were doing things" when they staged a very successful Campfire Display on the Hong Kong Cricket Club ground on Saturday. The display was attended by His Excellency the Chief Scout of Hong Kong, Sir Andrew Caldecott, Kt., C.M.G., C.B.E., and Lady Caldecott, who were accompanied by Captain W.J.R.Cragg, A.D.C. Among others who watched the open air show were noted H.E. The Rt. Rev. H.Valtorta (Vicar Apostolic of Hong Kong), The Hon. Dr. R.H.Kotewall, Mr. R.R.Todd, the Rev. H.W.Baines, Mr. A.el Arcuill and Professor G.A.C.Herklots.

   The programme was well planned and carried out most efficiently. The Rev. N.V.Halward, Commissioner, and other executive Scouters of the Hong Kong Boy Scouts Association were busy figures on the scene and they were ably assisted by Fleet Scoutmaster Lawder and the Deep Sea Scouts from His Majesty's ships in port. The entire display was a tribute to the efforts of those who gave much of their time to present Hong Kong with something different in the line of entertainment and to show them the value of Scouting for boys.


   The programme commenced with Cubmasters calling their Packs to form a huge circle and sound their Grand Howl, followed by a D.S.S. bugler blowing the Rally which brought the Scouts into the flood Iit arena. After God Save the King had been played the band of the Royal Ulster Rifles, present by kind permission of Lt. Col. R.M.Rodwell and Officers. His Excellency was escorted to the platform where he said, "British Scouts, I have very great pleasure in declaring this Campfire open." A huge campfire most artistically devised, was then illuminated by electricity.
   Led by Commissioner the Rev. Halward from the platform, the whole gathering of Cubs, Scouts and Guides then gave the "Be Prepared" cry which they did with the utmost enthusiasm. Among the chorus songs given were "Jemima" (to the tune of the Soldier's Chorus from Faust) the Round "London's Burning" and a tongue twister, "Oompah, Oompah, Gilli, Gilli, Gilli," followed by roars and yells of Scouts in various parts of the world.

   The next item was a display of Wand Drill by the 1st Hong Kong Sea Scout Pack of Wolf Cubs, and simultaneously an exhibition of Rope Spinning by selected Scouts from the 1st (Sea Scout) and 4th (Murray) Hong Kong, and 1st (St. Andrew's) and 4th (Garrison) Kowloon Troops. The lariat act attracted more attention on account of the performers' excellent control of the ropes. This item was enlivened by the sudden appearance of a "comic horse" provided by the Deep Sea Scouts, which put the spectators in good humour.


   Then followed an exhibition of pioneering and bridge building by Scouts of the 1st (St. Joseph's), 4th (Murray), 7th (King's College), 10th (St. Paul's) and 15th (Wah Yan College) Hong Kong; and 1st (St. Andrew's), 4th (Garrison), 7th (Kowloon City), and 11th (Wah Yan College) Kowloon Troops. This was undoubtedly the best item on the programme and the various structures built formed a pleasing ensemble with the Scout Badge hoisted on sheer legs in the background. Among the structures were a trestle bridge, signalling towers and flagstaffs. The Scouts were assisted by the Deep Sea Scouts in this item.
   A Torchlight Figure Marching by the combined Wolf Cub Packs was followed by demonstration of rescue from shipwreck by use of the rocket life saving apparatus by the 1st Hong Kong (Sea Scout) Troop. Three "sailors" were spectacularly pulled in to safety from their "sinking ship" by means of a line buoy.


   An exhibition of Physical Drill and Pyramids by the 1st (St. Joseph's), 2nd (Catholic Cathedral) and 15th (Wah Yan) Hong Kong; and 3rd (Catholic), 11th (Wah Yan College), 13th (St. Teresa's) and 14th (Rosary Church) Kowloon Troops, was next presented, which the Girl Guides followed with a sketch entitled "Pandora's Box." The latter was performed by the 1st Hong Kong (Garrison) Company of Girl Guides.
   Next followed a demonstration of tent pitching and uses of the Scout Staff by Scouts of the 1st (Sea Scouts), 1st (St. Joseph's), 4th (Murray) and 10th (St. Paul's) Hong Kong; and 1st (St. Andrew's), 4th (Garrison) and 8th (Shamshuipo) Kowloon Troops and an exhibition of illuminated club swinging by the 1st Hong Kong (St. Joseph's College) Troop.


   The Rev. N.V.Halward (Commissioner) then addressed a fervent appeal to the Hong Kong public to support the Boy Scout movement here. He pointed out the good work done by the Boy Scouts Association among the boys of Hong Kong and hoped that some generous person would help the Boy Scouts to reduce a deficit of $3,000 in their accounts. Every troop in Hong Kong was contributing towards this by raising money each in their own way but the task is a great one for them. The Commissioner then thanked those who attended the Campfire Display and stated that by it a sum of over $500 had been raised.
   Various songs choruses and yells by the combined Cubs, Scouts and Guides were then presented, including a musical item by visiting Macao Scouts, and a parade of colours was held in the arena. Chinese Boy Scouts from Chung-shan were among the groups.
   The programme concluded with the Royal Ulster Rifles' band playing God Save the King after which a Deep Sea Scout sounded "Lights Out" on his bugle.

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