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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Wednesday, December 2, 1936.

No. 29,413
Page 6


Funeral Of G.V. d'Azevedo

   The funeral of George Victor d'Azevedo, the 15 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. V.F.d'Azevedo who died at the Kowloon Hospital on Monday, took place at the Roman Catholic Cemetery Happy Valley yesterday afternoon.
   Three members of the 2nd Hong Kong Catholic Troops of Boy Scouts and three from the 2nd Catholic Sea Scouts were the pall bearers.
   The coffin was draped with the flag of the 2nd Hong Kong Catholic Troops of Boys Scouts.
   The Rev. Fr. L.Rossi assisted by the Rev. Fr. E.Terruzi conducted the funeral service.
   Besides the deceased's father and two sisters, those present at the funeral were: Messrs. C.M.S.Alves, H.A.Barros, F.Brown, G.E.Costello, D.Drummond, R.Dorman, J.S.Landolt, S.A.Marcal, T.C.Monaghan, A.F.Noronha, J.M.Noronha, G.A.Noronha, A.J.Osmund, C.H.Osmund, A.F.Osmund, W.Peters, G.U.da Roza, S.Reed, E.V.Reed, F.Rozario, C.E.Roza Pereira, L.C.da Sousa, A.M.Silva, R.Silva, C.W.Skeet, the Rev. Bro. Hubert, and the Rev. Bro. Crasmer.
   Boys from the 16th Kowloon Scouts (Wah Yan College), the 2nd Catholic Sea Scouts and the 12th Hong Kong Scouts (Queen's College) were also present.
   A large number of wreaths were sent.

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