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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Wednesday, June 16, 1937.
英壹仟玖佰卅柒年陸月拾陸日 禮拜叁

No. 24592.

Page 8


Shanghai Prepares For Jamborees

   Boy scouts "made news" last week with the approach of summer camps and jamborees, states the "North China Daily News."
   In the van of the scouts' parade will be nine youngsters who will represent Japan at the Fifth World Jamboree, opening near Amsterdam on July 31. They will pass through here in the m.v. Terukuni Maru. China also will be represented at this gathering.
   Forty local Japanese scouts were being sought to attend the summer camp of the Japan Boy Scouts' Federation to be held near Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture, from July 20 - 25. This group will leave here on July 16, and return on July 31.
   Another scout party, this time Chinese, will leave here late in July to participate in the Pan Pacific Jamboree to be held in Japan from August 2 - 10. The United States, Siam, the Philippines, India and other nations bordering on the Pacific, besides China, will also attend this gathering.

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