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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, June 21, 1937.
英壹仟玖佰卅柒年陸月廿壹日 禮拜壹

No. 24596.

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Terence Neil Matthews

   It is with deep regret that we have to record the death of Master Terence Neil Matthews, eldest son of Mrs. A.E.Matthews, which occurred at the Queen Mary Hospital on Saturday after a prolonged illness.
   For several years he had been studying at the Diocesan Boys' School and was a bright and cheerful boy his class.
   Known to his many friends as "Terrie" Matthews was one of the oldest members of the School Scout troop (6th Kowloon). He was a patrol leader. He was also a member of the School cricket first XI.
   The deceased is survived by his mother, two brothers Clifford and Eric and sister Jacqueline to whom much sympathy will be extended.
   The funeral took place at the Protestant Cemetery yesterday when full Scouting honours were accorded. The Rev. C.B.R.Sargent, Headmaster of the D.B.S., officiated at the graveside.
   The chief mourners were the deceased's mother, brothers and sister. A large gathering of friends was present at the graveside including many of the deceased's classmates.
   Among those present were:-
   Sir William Hornell, Mr. and Mrs. A.W.E.Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. C.Brown, Mr. and Mrs. L.Dunbar, Messrs. B.J.M.Monks, B.Lay, E.Rapley, W.Rapley, S.Jex, A.Crawford, D.L.Luard, A.H.Rumjahn, N.Broadbridge, T.Bolt, C.Spradberg, T.Knox, W.Knox, J.Dodd, G.S.P.Heywood (Scoutmaster of the School Troop) Mrs. Moreland, Prentice and Patsy, Mrs. M.Lay, Mr. and Mrs. Prew, Mr. and Mrs. T.H.Smith, Rev. L.L.Nash, Miss H.D.Sawyer, Mrs. E.C.Fincher, Miss W.Robinson, Mrs. C.M.Bird, Mrs. M and Paul Vessoons.


   Floral tributes were sent by the follow:-
   Mother, Cliff, Eric and Jac, Grandma, Uncle Howard, Auntie Eunice, Uncle Charles and Cousin Eunice, Auntie D.K., Grandma and Mrs. White, Osale and family, Lena and Bill, Eddie and Reneo, Mrs. Lay, Bertram, Mary and Francis, Miss L.G.Ablong, G.Abraham, Lauire and E.Allen, Mrs. F.E.E.Booker and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.Bau, Mr. and Mrs. C.Brown, Mr. and Mrs. R.G.Butcher, Miss M.C.Churn, Mr. and. Mrs. L.Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. A.W.Davidson, Betty and Pam, Mr. and Mrs. C.E.Frith and family (London), Miss R.Mow Fung, O.V.Cheung, Chiu Wai-shun, John and Valentine Dodd and Hooi Cheung-weng, Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. E.C.Fincher, Norman Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. G.S.Ford, Mr. and Mrs. W.M.Gittins, Mrs. P.Gill and family, Mr. and Mrs. C.A.Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. A.E.P.Guest, Sir. William Hornell, Mr. William Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. S.Jex and children, Tamera Jex, Mr. and Mrs. Kalley, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J.Kew, Mr. and Mrs. Knox and family, Kwong Sing-hung, Misses Hilda, Elsa and Nidia, Laurel, Mr. and Mrs. F.P.Laurel, Miss D.Lee, Alice and Stella Lee, Lee Wing-knee, Leung Fook-chow, Mr. and Mrs. M.K.Lo, Mr. and Mrs. P.L.Moreland, Prentice and Patsy, Ng Wai-bun, Mr. and Mrs. P.Packwood (Canton), Mr. and Mrs. C.Parkson, Mr. and Mrs. Peplow, Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Power and Pat, Mr. and Mrs. A.G.F.Prew, J.L.Quie, Kitty and Irene Rapp, Eric and Willie Rapley, Louisa Rocha, Rachel Rose, Arthur and Dorothy Rowan, O.E.Rowan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rowan, Mrs. Kwan, Mr. and Mrs. A.H.Runjahn, Rev. C.B.R.Sargent, Miss H.D.Sawyer, Mrs. Anna Scheithaer, Mrs. K.Seyer and Kenneth, C.T.Shand and family, Mrs. A.Spradbery and Charlie, Mr. and Mrs. T.H.Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. E.J.Spradbery, Mrs. Stimson and family, Tam Lwoon-woon, Mr. Tam Yiu, Mr. and Mrs. E.C.Tregillus, Mrs. Mary Tregillus, Mr. and Mrs. A.Urquhart and children, Paul and Minnie Vessoona, Mr. and Mrs. J.S.White and family, Mrs. Woolley and family, Mr. and Mrs. C.A.P.Xavier, Au Ting-fun, Hui Sai-fun, Kaan Chee-leuk, Kaan Chee-wan, Kaan Chee-kin, Ah Choy, S.E.Levy and Co.
   Equine Sports Club; The Sidesmen of Christ Church, Kowloon Tong; Christ Church, Kowloon Tong Servers' Guild; Sixth Kowloon Scouts; Class 2A, Diocesan Boys' School; Boarders' Prefect, Diocesan Boys' School; the Diocesan Boys' School.

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