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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Saturday, February 4, 1939.

No. 25098

Page 9


Farming Scheme At Tai Po Tsai

   Tai Po Tsai, more popularly known as Hongkong's Little Shangri La, has started many new schemes to be more worthy of its name.
   Careful preparations have been made ever since the tri centennial celebration held on August 12, 1938, which was honoured by the presence of Mr. Balfour, the then District Officer South, and a large gathering of distinguished visitors to form a big modern farm in the village - one of the biggest of its kind in Hongkong.
   The villagers of Tai Po Tsai have great hopes for the future of their farm, and if their schemes materialize they feel confident they can do their part in helping the Government to make the Colony as self supporting as possible, as far as foodstuffs are concerned.
   Owing to the congestion of the old school building and the many applications of new boys from neighbouring villages, Kwong Pui School of Tai Po Tsai will soon have an extension to the premises.


   There has been no dispute in the village for 300 years. The village is controlled by the Council, which has the final say in all matters connected with the village. The housewives are private detectives of the village, and for this gambling and other vices are not known in Tai Po Tsai.
   The 19th Kowloon (Tai Po Tsai) Troop was started last year. It has now two patrols of six boys each. Village scouts receive their instructions from their own Scoutmaster as well as from enthusiastic scouters from Hongkong who visit them every weekend.
   The Tai Po Tsai scouts were among the first to respond to the urgent appeal for helpers in the Kam Tin Refugee Camp. So much were done for the refugees by these youngsters that many of them called on the Scouts a few weeks later at their homes in Tai Po Tsai to show their gratitude and appreciation. 
   Last Saturday, the Rev. N.V.Halward, Colony Scout Commissioner and Mr. F.H.Chan, District Commissioner, Kowloon and New Territories visited the Troop and were impressed by the smartness of the scouts and the improvement they have made in their work. The boys are now working hard to compete for the Prince of Wales' Banner this year.

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