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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, April 24, 1939.
香港英四月廿四號 禮拜一


No 15808
Page 5


Boy Scouts' Rally
Competition For Prince Of Wales Banner

   The annual rally of the Hongkong Boy Scouts' Association for the Prince of Wales Banner was held on the grounds of the Diocesan Boys' School, Kowloon on Saturday, when a total of 21 troops competed, and more than 600 Scouts attended. His Excellency the Governor, Sir Geoffry Northcote accompanied by Captain S.H.Batty Smith, was present in his capacity as Chief Scout for Hongkong.
   The competition on Saturday comprised the first part of the Rally, the second part of which will be held late in the autumn at Saiwan Camp, Shaukiwan. The Troop gaining the highest combined total of points in the whole Rally wins the Banner.
   In addition to His Excellency, those present at the Rally included Mr. C.Champkin (Deputy Commissioner), Mr. D.A.Pockson (Hon. Secretary), Mrs. F.E.E.Booker (Assistant Commissioner for Wolf Cubs), Mr. E.Cock (President of the Boy Scouts' Association) and Mrs. Cock, and Wing Cdr. A.H.S.Steele Perkins.
   His Excellency, on arrival, was met by Mr. Cock and Mr. Champkin, and escorted to the centre of the semi circle formed by the Scout Troops, after the breaking of the Union Jack and Chinese National flags and the singing of "God Save the King."
   Addressing the assembly, Mr. Champkin expressed regret at the absence of the Commissioner, the Rev. N.V.Halward, who was prevented by his duties from leaving Canton. He reminded the Scouts that the morrow was St. George's Day. St. George, he said, was not only the patron saint of England, but he was also the patron saint of all Boy Scouts.
   He then called on the assembly to renew the Scout Promise, himself leading. The Promise was repeated in Chinese for the benefit of Chinese troops, led by Mr. Chan Fook-hong, District Commissioner for Kowloon.


   His Excellency next presented a special certificate of commendation to the 18th Hongkong (Cheung Chau) Troop, for excellent work performed in a large fire at Cheung Chau Island last year.
   He also presented Warrants to the following Scouters: Messrs. Chan Chung-yan, Yung Wing-tung, G.S.P.Heywood, and Kwok Ping-cheung (Group Scoutmasters), Messrs. Wong Tsz-shing, Cheng Tze-chau, Ralph Dormer, Chan Kwei-cheung and Faria (Scoutmasters), Messrs. Lo Chi-ping, Wong Kan-pun, H.V.H. St. Burnett Lesson, L.C.Millington, R.J.Leonard, Lai Kim-hung and Lam Po-wah (Assistant Scoutmasters), Mr. N.F.F.S.Nolde and Miss Yeung Siu-yee (Cubmasters).
   His Excellency then inspected the Troops, and at the conclusion was accorded three cheers, led by Mr. Champkin.
   His Excellency expressed his thanks and appreciation, and said: During the past year, like your fellow Scouts in China, many of you have done a good job of work here helping those who were themselves helpless. That is one of the many duties which falls on you under your oath. I am glad to say that when I went to see the refugees from South China, there were Scouts there helping. That is your duty in life - to help others. I am glad to be here today and wish I could stay longer, but I have somewhere else to go. I wish you well and the best of luck and I hope to see you again next year.
   The troops were then dismissed from the assembly and began work on the competitions. His Excellency watched for a while before leaving.

The Competitions

   The competition was run by the China Fleet Troop of Deep Sea Scouts, who judged the whole competition with the exception of the first aid section, which was done by Dr. G.I.Shaw and Mr. G.S.P.Heywood.
   The competitions set included the passing of the Tenderfoot test, 2nd Class test, 1st Class test, and Troop items which included hand signalling and first aid. The latter comprised the treatment of an air raid casualty, the notifying of the police of an air raid, calling of the first aid party and doctor.
   The first half of the Competition resulted as follows:
   1. St. Andrew's Church, 169 points out of 200.
   2. Diocesan Boys' School, 164 points.
   3. Shamshuipo, 163 points.
   Troops who competed on Saturday were 1st H.K. Sea Scouts, 1st H.K. St. Joseph's College, 2nd H.K. Cathedral (Catholic), 7th H.K. King's College, 10th H.K. St. Paul's College, 12th H.K. Queen's College, 13th H.K. Central Chinese, 15th H.K. Wah Yan College, 13th K. St. Teresa's Church, 4th K. Garrison, 5th Roving Fifth, 6th K. Diocesan Boys' College, 8th K. Shamshuipo, 11th K. Wah Yan College, 13th K. St. Teresa's Church, 15th K. Mong Kok, 16th Kowloon City, 17th K. La Salle College, 19th K. Tai Tsai Village, 20th K. Yiu Yeung School and 21st K. Young Men Christian Association.
   Troops present but which did not take part in the competition were: 5th H.K. (St. John's Cathedral), 8th H.K. (Holy Trinity College), 11th H.K. (Yui Ying School), 18th H.K. (Cheung Chau Government School), 3rd Kowloon (Catholic), 9th Kowloon (Nam Yuet School), 18th Kowloon (Yerk Chi College) and 23rd Kowloon (Pui Ching School).

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