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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, December 4, 1939.

No. 25354

Page 5


Governor Presents Certificates

   Several hundred Boy Scouts, Cubs and Deep Sea Scouts assembled at the Murray Parade Ground on Saturday before their Chief Scout, His Excellency the Governor, Sir Geoffry Northcote, and Scout Commissioner, the Rev. N.V.Halward, for an inspection parade.
   Among those present were Commodore A.M.Peters, Col. A.G.Neville, the Hon. Sir Robert Kotewall, Wing Commander A.H.Steele Perkins, Major C.Manners, The Hon. T.H.King, Commissioner of Police, and Mr. E.Cock.
   "At the present time, with the war only a few weeks' old, it is not easy to see in detail the exact path we Scouts have to pursue, but some points are crystal clear. Firstly, all of us have our duty to perform to our Country and the Empire. Whatever task we are called upon to perform we must do it with all the energy and intelligence we can muster," was one or the passages, cited from a communication from Lord Somers, Deputy Chief Scout, referred to by Scout Commissioner Halward in his address to the scouts.
   Continuing, Commissioner Halward said it was not often that the Association as a whole was able to meet together, and in fact a parade of this nature had not been held for many years.
   The main activities of Scouting were concentrated within the Pack, Troop and Crew, but Scouts also belong to a great brotherhood of boys and men pledged to render service to their followmen.
   That is why it is a good thing on occasions to meet together as they were doing, so that they might be reminded, by participating in such a large gathering, of the greatness of the Movement and the part that, all hoped it might play in the building up of a better world.


   His Excellency the Governor then presented Warrants, Certificates and Letters of Commendation, and addressing the gathering, congratulated them on their fine turn out. He endorsed Commissioner Halward's words, and finally wished the scouts the "very best or luck and a very happy Christmas."
   Warrants, Certificates and Letters of Commendation were presented to the following:
   Wong Tze-shing (10th Hongkong), Ng Tze-fat (15th Hongkong), Chan Wai-chit (8th Kowloon), The Rev. Fr. Maestrini (13th Kowloon), Yung Wing Tung (16th Kowloon), Evan George Stewart (10th Hongkong), Andrew Wan (16th Hongkong), Poon King-sun (3rd Hongkong), Chiu Lin-tsun (10th Hongkong), Lee Chiu-sue (7th Kowloon), Greene Lee (9th Kowloon), Liu Ting-fai (15th Kowloon), Shum Yiu-kam (21st Kowloon), Ho Kwok-fun (23rd Kowloon), Humphrey George Ramage (1st Hongkong), Stephen Wong (1st Hongkong), Robert Joseph Maycock (4th Hongkong), Liang Gen-yong (6th Hongkong), Lo Chi-ping (6th Hongkong), Li Che-min (6th Hongkong), John Pau (7th Hongkong), Chung King-mun (11th Hongkong), Loh Yui-wah (11th Hongkong), Lam Kam-cheung (11th Hongkong), John Lam (11th Hongkong), Wong Kam-pun (12th Hongkong), Hung Tak-shau (18th Hongkong), Robertson Jesse Leonard (4th Kowloon), Leung Kwong-chor (5th Kowloon), Wu Kwok-tung (8th Kowloon), Ho Kwok-cheung (23rd Kowloon), Loh Yip-yue (23rd Kowloon), Phyllis Rose Colledge (12th Kowloon), and Armanel Eva Wilcox (4th Kowloon).
   1st Hongkong (St. Joseph's College): Banner Competition Certificate.
   13th Hongkong (Central Chinese): Competition Camp Certificate.
   1st Kowloon (St. Andrew's Church): Banner Rally Certificate.
   8th Kowloon (Shumshuipo): Banner Rally Certificate.
   Letters of Commendation were awarded to Scouts E.Paterson, L.Jernakoff and R.Clark of the 4th Kowloon Troop.

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