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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, May 27, 1940.

No. 25500

Page 5


"Spending Time Eating, Gambling And Pleasure Seeking"

   "One of the main reasons for these wars that are going on in this world is the selfishness of the people. As scouts, it is our duty to help to keep wars out, and remember the second part of our Scout Promise - To love others at all times-" said the Rev. N.V.Halward, M.C., M.A., Commissioner of Scouts, when he addressed a large gathering of boy scouts at their rally held at the Diocesan Boys' School on Saturday.

   Some three hundred boys, representing 18 troops were present for the annual contest for the Prince of Wales' Banner which was won by the Hongkong Sea Scouts.
   Competition was keen in the various contests which included whipping, knotting, Kim's game, splicing, estimation, first aid tests and life Iine.

   At the conclusion of the competitions, the Commissioner thanked Mr. C.G.Sollis, Director of Education, for his presence for the first time since he was made President of the Hongkong Boy Scouts' Association. Mr. Halward also spoke of the valuable assistance given by Mr. G.S.P.Heywood and the Rovers.


   "You, as scouts, are having a comparatively easy time here," said the Rev. Halward. "You are not suffering from any hardship, from bombing and many of the disadvantages which your brother scouts are suffering in China and Europe.
   "Above all things a scout should not be selfish and try to remember to do his good deed every day. I wonder how many of us have done a good deed every day for someone else?
   There are times we must admit we find it very hard to find
good deeds to do, but at other times we have missed many opportunities to perform our duties, and the reason is we are too lazy to do so and forgetting our Scout Promise."


   Continuing, the Rev. Halward said that he came down to Hongkong to get rice for people in Canton, where many are dying in the street every day. "I am disappointed and angry at the people in Hongkong because I find them spending their time in eating, gambling and pleasure seeking."
   "Scouts having their arms covered with badges and looking smart, but forgetting to do their good turns, to my mind, are not scouts. And for those who have no badges but are doing their daily good deeds, they are the "darn good scouts" that our Chief Scout wishes them to be."


   The results or the contests were as follow:-
   Hongkong Sea Scouts, 104 points; 1st Hongkong, 101; 17 Kln., 89.5; 21 Kln., 85; 11 Kln., 82; 5 Kln., 79; 13 Hongkong, 79; 15 Kln., 78; 7 Hongkong, 76; 4 Kln., 75.5; 1 Kln., 75; 15 Hongkong, 74; 12 Hongkong, 73.5; 6 Kln., 73; 4 Hongkong, 65.5; 5 Hongkong, 56; 10 Hongkong, 46.5; 27 Kln., 42.5.
   The following were the judges:
   Mr. G.S.P.Heywood (St. Andrew's group), Mr. W.Lowe (4th Garrison), Mr. G.Wilby (St. John's group), Mr. W.H.McKenny (Deep Sea Scout), Mr. R.Cane (St. Andrew's group), Mr. R.Apperly (1st Kowloon), Messrs. A.Mayte, W.Sutcliffe, G.Chosley, G.Bhumbara, A.Bylett, R.Longadon, N.Noble and I.Shewbridge (1st Hongkong Rover Sea Scouts Group).

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