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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, January 20, 1941.
香港英一月二十號 禮拜一


No 16361
Page 5


Memorial Service For Chief Scout
Cathedral Ceremony

   A memorial service for the late Rt Hon. Lord Baden Powell, Chief Scout, was held at St John's Cathedral yesterday, the Very Rev. Dean Wilson conducting the service, which was attended by Boy Scouts and Girl Guides from every part of the Colony.
   His Excellency the Acting Governor, Lieut General E.F.Norton, attended and was accompanied by Capt. S.H.Batty Smith. Others noticed included the Hon. Sir Robert Kotewall, the Hon. Mr W.N.Thomas Tam, Mr C.G.Sollis, and the Rev. George May.
   Among the Boy Scout and Girl Guide officials attending were Mr C.Champkin, Deputy Colony Commissioner, Mr G.S.P.Heywood, Assistant Commissioner for Rovers, Mr D.A.Pockson, Assistant Commissioner and Honorary Secretary, Mrs F.E.E.Booker, Assistant Commissioner for Wolf Cubs, and Miss J.W.J.Buckwell, Colony Commissioner for Girl Guides.

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