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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, January 25, 1948.

No. 124.
Page 3



   H.E. the Governor officially opened the Boy Scout Bazaar yesterday afternoon at the Murray Parade Ground. Representatives of various troops, including the Deep Sea Scout (British Pacific Fleet), formed a guard of honour at the entrance.

   The Government, accompanied by the ADC, Captain Wilson was welcomed by Lirut. Ravnor Smith, DSO, Liason Officer, R.N., Mrs. D.Booker, Act. Commissioner for Wolf Cubs, Mr. G.S.Withy, Hon. Secretary, Mr. John Pau, B.A., B.E.M., Act. Asst. Commissioner, Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Colony Commissioner and Mr. S.L. de  Faria, Act. District Commissioner.

   All the highlights of a Fun Fair were there. Outstanding by way of originality was the Scout Jockey Club, featuring five "stars," including Black Market, winner of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Second Meeting. Five miniatures were pulled by pulleys on a flat 5.1 foot board. This was also the main attraction to the "small scale" racegoers.

Naval Help

   The Governor took "first blood" at the Guess the Weights Stall where four attractive dressed rakes were displayed.

   The Governor also inspected troops of Scouts, Cubs and Rovers.

   The ground was dotted with some 24 flag bedecked stalls, run by scouts and cubs. The Royal Naval ran the popular shooting galley and a games stall.

   Watson & Co. had their "Cocacola Stall." A large amount of the equipment was produced by the Royal Navy, while the sound and lighting installations were by the British General Electric Company.

School Band

   The goal set for the Hong Kong Boy Scouts Fund was $10,000 and if the crowd seen at the fair was be any indication, that amount would not be closely approached.

   The Aberdeen Industrial School Band was in attendance.

   The Bazaar closed late in the evening. The last few hours were well "utilised" by racegoers, back from the Jockey Club, who flocked in crowds to the Fair.

   The following are the winning numbers in the entrance ticket draw of the Boy Scouts Bazaar held yesterday:- 2927; 4084; 326; 21; 5431; 4764; 6304; 7938; 3741; 4834; 9967; 7408; 9636; 1271; 2172; 5961; 9136; 708; 9540; 7216.

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