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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, May 23, 1948.

No. 141.
Page 3



   Over 1,500 Boy Scouts and Wolf Cubs paraded at the Botanical Gardens yesterday for an inspection by the Governor, Sir Alexander Grantham.
   The band of the Aberdeen Industrial School played the National Anthem on His Excellency's arrival, following which Cubs formed a circle round Sir Alexander, who is Hong Kong's Chief Scout, and gave the Cubs' "Grand Howl."
   His Excellency, addressing the parade, said the Scouts were the finest youth organisation in the world. Youths of all nationalities, races, creeds and religions were members.
   Hong Kong Scouts, His Excellency said, had a very fine record had a good reputation and he congratulated them on their good work.
   Three cheers were then given for Sir Alexander, and the Rally closed with the playing of the National Anthem.


-Sunday Herald Photo.

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