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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Friday, November 5, 1948.

Vol. III No. 262
Page 5


Appeal On Behalf Of HK Boy Scouts

   An appeal has been launched for funds to enable Hongkong to be represented at the boy scouts' jamboree in Australia.
   The subscription list has been headed by the Hon Arthur Morse, CBE, and donations will be received by the Hongkong Telegraph and duly acknowledged.
   In his letter to the Hongkong Telegraph, the Hon Arthur Morse says:
   "Representatives of the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association who are desirous of attending the scouts Jamboree in Australia are unable to do so owing to lack of funds.
   "Enclosed is a cheque for HK$500 towards same and to start a subscription list which I hope all Scout admirers will answer."

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