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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, April 10, 1949.

No. 186.
Page 24



   Before a large gathering at the Diocesan Girls' School Ground yesterday, the Wolf Cubs of the Hong Kong Boy Scouts' Association held their Annual Athletic Meet.

   The Championship was easily won by The 1st Hong Kong Pack (St. Joseph's College), who led the field with 58 points, the nearest rivals being 12th Kowloon (Christ Church) with 17 points and 19th Kowloon (Rotary Church) with 11 points.
   The Reverend Brother Martin of St. Joseph's College was, on conclusion of the Meet, appointed District Cub Master.
   The Hon. Mr. A.Morse and Mrs. Morse, who were guests of honour, were welcomed by Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Colony Commissioner and Hon. Secretary of the Association.
   In a short speech before Mrs. Morse was called upon to distribute the prizes to the successful contestants, Mr. Morse congratulated the Cubs on their fine display of sportsmanship.
   Event 1 - 100 yards Senior: 1, Ho Hor-pun, (1st Hong Kong); 2, K.Knoble, (4th Kowloon); 3, Chan Mat-kit, (25th Kowloon).
   Event 2 - 80 yards Junior: 1, M.Prew, (12th Kowloon); 2, M.Tamworth, (4th Hong Kong); 3, R.Puncheon, (4th Hong Kong).
   Event 3 - Dressing Race Junior: 1, M.Asome, (1st Hong Kong); 2. M.Prew, (12th Kowloon); 3, T.Woodman, (4th Hong Kong).
   Event 4 - Sack Race Junior: 1, T.Xavier, (1st Hong Kong); 2, G.Franco, (1st Hong Kong); 3, T.Gardner, (4th Hong Kong).
   Event 5 - Three Legged Race Senior: 1, Wong Yee-wah, Ho Hung-pun, (1st Hong Kong); 2, A.Timms, K.Knoble, (4th Kowloon); 3, P.Souza, J.Chavis, (1st Hong Kong).
   Event 6 - Three Legged Race Junior: 1, T.Xavier, E.Lee, (1st Hong Kong); 2, S.M.Chan, K.T.Leung, (37th Kowloon); 3, Y.Y.Shin, J.Y.Shin, (1st Hong Kong).
   Event 8 - Potato Race Junior: 1, M.Prew, (1st Kowloon); 2, Kong Ling, (37th Kowloon); 3, E.Rosario, (19th Kowloon).
   Event 7 - Sack Race Senior: 1, P.Souza, (1st Hong Kong); 2, J.Chavis, (1st Hong Kong); 3, K.Knoble, (4th Kowloon).
   Event 9 - Ball & Net Relay Senior: 1, 1st Hong Kong; 2, 19th Kowloon; 3, 12th Kowloon.
   Event 10 - Relay Race Senior: 1, 1st Hong Kong; 2, 25th Kowloon; 3, 19th Kowloon.
   Teams standings:
   1st Hong Kong (St. Joseph's College), 58 points; 12th Kowloon (Christchurch), 17 points; 19th Kowloon (Rosary Church), 11 points; 4th Hong Kong, 7 points; 25th Kowloon, 7 points; 4th Hong Kong, 6 points; 37th Hong Kong, 6 points.


Three Legged Race

   Start of the Three legged Race at yesterday's Wolf Cubs' Annual Athletic Meet, which was held at the Diocesan Girls' School Ground, Kowloon. ("Sunday Herald" Photo).

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