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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Tuesday, May 30, 1950.

No. 34600.
Page 3


Visiting Pl Boy Scouts entertained in Colony

   Eighteen Philippine Boy Scouts who passed through the Colony on their way to the Second National Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, were entertained here yesterday.
   Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Commissioner of Boy Scouts in Hong Kong, who conducted the visitors around, later expressed his admiration at their very friendly and jovial qualities.

   The boys arrived in the ss. President Cleveland on Sunday, and left late last night aboard the same ship.
   Chosen from various colleges all over the Philippines to represent that country, the guests showed their regret yesterday at only having one day in which to see the Colony.
The delegation was headed by Mr. Victor de Guia, President of the Baguio Mountain Council of the Philippine National Boy Scouts. Among the group were a scout master and a technical adviser.
   The visitors were met at the wharf yesterday morning by Mr. Quah. They were entertained at the Morse Hut Scout Headquarters, after which they were entertained at the Cafe de Chine by Dr. Jose V.Rodrigues, Philippine Consul in Hong Kong.
   The guests were then conducted round to the Filipino Club, King's Park, after which they were treated to a tea party by Mr. I.J.Montilla at the International Hotel, Cameron Road.

   The Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge will be attended by about 60,000 boy scouts from all over the world, and will take place from June 30 to July 6. The Philippine delegation will remain in America for a month or so, after which they will tour Europe.


   Photo shows a group of Philippine Boy Scouts who passed through Hong Kong yesterday on their way to the Scouts Jamboree in America, where 60,000 scouts from all over the world will attend. Mr. I.J.Montilla, who entertained the visitors at the International Hotel, Kowloon, is shown in the centre. Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Scout Commissioner in Hong Kong, is on Mr. Montilla's right.- ("China Mail" photo).

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