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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Friday, June 2, 1950.

No. 34603.
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Governor presents Scout Certificates

   A presentation of King's Scout Certificates, Scouter's Warrants, and a Thanks Badge, was held at Government House yesterday afternoon.

   The presentation was made by the Governor, Sir Alexander Grantham, in his capacity as Patron and Chief Scout of the Hong Kong Branch of the Boy Scouts Association.
   Those receiving the King's Scout Certificate were Chiu Shin-yeung, Cheung Ping-sun, Bunny Chin and Roy Sadick (1st Hong Kong Sea Scouts), and Leung Yiu-hon, Lee Sze-pok, Yeung Pak-ying, Chan Chok-leung, Li Kong-ying, Mok Shu-wah, Law Win-chi and Lau King-wang (13th Hong Kong Troop).
   Scouter's Warrants were presented to Mrs. Joan Barnes, Assistant Commissioner for Wolf Cubs; Reverend Brother Cassian, District Commissioner, Kowloon; Mr. Shin Ka-wing, District Scoutmaster, Sea Scouts; and Miss Lorna Sze, District Cubmaster, Hong Kong.
   Mr. H.G.Clarke, Colony Badge Secretary of the Association, was presented with a Thanks Badge.

Outstanding work

   After the presentation, the Governor told those who had received King's Scout Certificates that they would not have got those certificates if they had not done outstanding work.
   "I hope you will continue to maintain the high standards that you have achieved so far, and in particular I want you to remember that as King's Scout you must be prepared at all times to render whatever public service you may be called upon to perform," said Sir Alexander.
   Addressing those who had been presented with Scouters Warrants Sir Alexander said they have received their appointments because of the support they had given to, and the good work they had done for, the Boy Scouts movement in Hong Kong.
   "I know that I can rely on you to continue that good work and to strive at all times for the Boy Scouts movement in the Colony."

   To Mr. H.G.Clarke, the Governor said the Badge was presented to him in recognition of the very great help that he has given the Association over so many years.
   Sir Arthur Morse, President of the Boy Scouts Association, and Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Colony Commissioner, were also present at the presentation.

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