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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, June 18, 1950.

No. 247.
Page 3


Boy Scouts rally is huge success

   The Prince of Wales Annual Banner Rally of Boy Scouts in Hong Kong, which took place yesterday on the La Salle College grounds, Argyle Street, was a tremendous success.
   Despite the sweltering afternoon heat, 22 troops from all over the Colony comprising about 650 scouts showed up in full array.

   The Deputy Commissioner of the Colony's Scouts, Mr. C.C.Quah, at the conclusion of the three hour meet, presented honour certificates to 23 scoutmasters.
   Reverend Brother Cassian, who is a Rover Scout, described those present as "in excellent spirits and all together in grand harmony." He explained it had been expected that only around 12 troops would really attend.
   The troops present were composed of five Hong Kong troops 16 from Kowloon and on Sea Scouts troop.
   The Banner Rally is part of a yearly competition open to all troops, for which the Prince of Wales' Banner is the aim.
   The second part of the competition is the Scouts' Camp held around the end of the year.

The Banner

   Points made by each troop for various tests during the two periods are summed up, and the troop found to be leading in points gets the Banner. This is presented at the St. George's Day Scout Parade the following year. 
   The tests, which embraced the basic training of a scout, were divided into five sections comprising the Tenderfoot Test, the Second Class Test, the First Class Test, the Troop Item exercises in Scouting, and General Inspection.
   The troop with the highest number of points in all was the 16th Hong Kong Troop, who came through with 86 1/2. The Sea Scouts came second with 84 3/4, while 4th Hong Kong bagged 84 1/2.

   Acting as judges in the various tests were Captain J.Headlam (formerly of the Scouts of Malaya), the Reverend Andrews, Messrs. Ng Sze-tat, Daniel Luke Frederick Wong, Lee Kwan-biu, Clifton Large, Kwok Ming-tak and several members of the Services Rover Scouts (from the Army), and Deep Sea Rover Scouts (from the Royal Navy).


   Mr. J.Headlam is shown inspecting a Troop during the Hong Kong Scouts Prince of Wales Banner Rally at La Salle College yesterday. ("China Mail" photo).

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