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The China Mail.

Thursday, August 2, 1951.

No. 34961
Page 3


Boy Scouts Hold World Jamboree

Bad Ischl, Austria, Aug. 1.

   Boy Scouts from the Western world pitched their tents today only 20 miles from Russian troops for their seventh World Jamboree.

   Although youths from Russian influenced countries are banned by the Communists from attending, the Western Scouts intended by their get together to show the East that friendship among free nations is possible in a world torn in two.
   The Jamboree, amid the mountains and lakes of the American Occupation zone of Austria, formally opens on Friday, with a march past of 15,000 Scouts from 42 nations.
   But the Jamboree grounds, a former golf course near the former residence of the Austrian Emperors, is already teeming with contingents of Scouts.
   The bulk arrived on Wednesday night and Thursday, but approximately 9,000 Scouts from England and her Dominions, Scotland, France, India, Switzerland, Germany and Austria are already making out camping areas and pitching tents.
   The camp area is growing every hour, Scouts from 11 to 12 years of age and Rover Scouts over 17 (???) (???) to the (???) in the (???) (???) setting up mess tents and hoisting their flags.


   The first sizable contingent to arrive were 1,300 Scouts out of an expected 3,000 from Britain, original home of Scouting.
   A contingent of 629 American Scouts, complete with four doctors and a First Aid station, will arrive on Thursday. They represent 43 cities of the United States.
   The main motto of the Jamboree is simplicity.
   With this slogan the Jamboree an entirely back to nature get together, will put its main emphasis upon friendship among the Western citizens of the world.
   No elaborate installations have been created. The only sign of commercialism was an inconspicuous American soft drink stand and an Austrian tailor offering to repair shirts and pants torn by boys scrambling over the nearby mountains.
   The American Army has given the Jamboree a little quiet help by providing a 30 bed hospital on the Jamboree area, and by providing (???) for (???) (???) (???) (???)

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