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The China Mail.

Tuesday, August 13, 1957.

No. 36819
Page 3



Birmingham, Aug. 13.

   COMMONWEALTH scouts today presented chief scout Lord Rowallen with a portrait of himself in scouting uniform at a ceremony in the World Jamboree arena at Sutton Park.
   Every scout the Commonwealth has been invited to contribute a penny or its equivalent to pay for a gift of two portraits of Lord Rowallen.
   The second one will hang in the Baden Powell Memorial House, which is being built in London.


   General Sir Rob Lockhart, Deputy Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and Camp Chief of the Jamboree, made the presentation before all members of the Commonwealth and Empire contingents here.
   The portraits were painted by the Scottish artist, James McBey, who was official artist with the Australians in Egypt and Palestine during the First World War.
   Lady Rowallen was given a replica of the scouts supporters badge, set with diamonds in platium.
   Any money remaining from the Commonwealth scouts contribution will be used for an additional gift, to be chosen by Lord Rowallen.- China Mail Special.

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