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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Friday, December 26, 1913.

No. 15,804
Page 5



Field Exercise.

   The St. Joseph's College Boy Scouts and Body Guard fall-in in large numbers at the Catholic Cathedral compound at 9.15 this morning, and Scout master Albert Edwards, assisted by Sergeant Brooks, inspected the troop.

   A letter, received from Sir Robert Baden Powell, was read while the troop stood at attention. The Chief Scout congratulated Scout Master Edwards upon the formation of St. Joseph's troop, to whom he extended his warmest wishes and hoped they would overcome their difficulties and meet with every success.

   The troop then formed up into separate patrols and marched out to Pokfulam for their field day exercises.

   The plan is as follows:- The Bodyguard will form the defending party holding the grounds of the "Nazareth" under Sergeant Brooks. Scout Master Edwards and patrol leaders Bunje and Braga will lead the attacking party. When the exercises are over, the boys will march back to College and be entertained at luncheon by Brother Adrian, the Director. A capital programme of sports has been arranged for the afternoon, commencing at 2 p.m., the prises form a fine and numerous collection. Friends of the Scouts will provide tea and cakes at the College grounds.

   At the conclusion of the sports at 5.30 p.m., the prizes will be presented by Bishop Pozzoni.

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