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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Tuesday, November 3, 1914.
香港英拾一月三號 禮拜二

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   We have received for review a copy of the attractive children's book , "A Scout in Fairyland," which has been specially written for the Prince of Wales' Fund by Mrs. Ivan Grant-Smith and which is now on sale locally. It is written in a style which will make a wide appeal to the little ones, whose delight in scanning its pages will be enhanced by the delightful illustrations drawn by Mrs. F.Weston. The book is published by the China Mail, Ltd., and it is most admirably produced. It sells at the remarkably modest price of one dollar, and no home where there are children should be without a copy. In purchasing the book, buyers will have the comforting knowledge that they are helping those who have suffered by the war.

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