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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Tuesday, May 25, 1915.
香港英五月廿五號 禮拜二

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Yesterday's Splendid Turn-out.

   Empire Day was truly celebrated by the Hongkong Boy Scouts, winding up with a grand rally on the Cricket field. In the morning they attended the celebrations at the churches, the Peak Wolf Cubs and the Hongkong III, attending St. John's Cathedral, while the Hongkong I and II (St. Joseph's College) and Hongkong IV (Kowloon) with band and colours, attended the service at the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

   At 4.45 p.m. each troop met on its own parade ground and then marched to the Cricket ground, headed by the band of the Hongkong II. The troops proceeded to Queen Victoria Statue, where a large floral wreath containing the words "A tribute to Queen Victoria from the Hongkong Boy Scouts, Empire Day 1915" was placed on the base by one of the Wolf Cubs.

   The positions on parade were as follows: Hongkong I, Scoutmaster Braga; Hongkong II, Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards; Wolf Cubs "Fox", Scoutmaster Mrs. H.Rayner; Hongkong III, Peak Wolf Cubs, Captain Evans; Hongkong VI, Assistant Scoutmaster T.A.Carvalho. Honorary Scoutmaster G.E.Roylance was in charge of the parade.

   On the arrival of the Commissioner of the Local Association of Boy Scouts, Commodore R.Anstruther, C.M.G., R.N., the troops came to the Commissioner's Salute. The Commissioner, accompanied by Chief Scoutmaster Lieut. Kennedy, then made his inspection.

   After the inspection the troops formed up into horseshoe formation and were addressed by the Commissioner as follows. Today is as you know, the birthday of Queen Victoria who reigned for over sixty years and at the suggestion of the Earl of Meath, May 24, is set apart as a memorial of her for all time, so that we may ever keep her memory in our thoughts. We today, in company with thousands of Scouts in every distant part of the Empire, are paraded to honour her and the principal lesson one gathers is the glorious "Unity of the Empire."

   At the conclusion of his address, the Commissioner presented Scoutmaster Mrs. H.Rayner with a gold "Scout's Thanks" badge from the Fox Patrol, as a slight token of their love and regard for her and her untiring energy in the movement.

   The patrol cries of the troops caused much amusement as they resounded over the field when the troops were dispersed and again brought to position at the far end of the field.

   The following displays were given: Stratcher Drill, First Aid and Signals - Hongkong I and II. Fire Lighting - the Peak Cubs and Hongkong IV (Kowloon). Physical Drill with staves - Mrs. Rayner's troop.

   The function was brought to a conclusion by the singing of the National Anthem, the Scouts verse included, and Cheers for the King.

   There was a big crowd present and many military officers were to be seen taking an interest in the displays of the youngsters.

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