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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Thursday, June 10, 1915.
香港英六月十號 禮拜四

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Mrs. Rayner Given An Enthusiastic Send Off.

   The Boy Scouts gave Mrs. Rayner, who has been such an energetic worker for the Boy Scout movement, a most enthusiastic farewell yesterday afternoon at an "at home" organised by the local association at St. Joseph's College. The Scouts were lined up on parade and Mrs. Rayner walked along the ranks bidding farewell to each troop. She was presented with a little memento from St. Joseph's Troop (a silver card case), by Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards, and from the newly formed Kowloon troop with a bouquet and silver holder, by Scoutmaster T.A.Carvalho.  Both expressed the regret their troops felt at the departure of Mrs. Rayner. The Scouts then went through a series of exhibition of fire lighting, ambulance and first aid and pole drill under Scoutmaster G.E.Roylance. Among the interested spectators present were Lady May, Commodore Anstruther R.N., C.M.G., the Hon. Mr. E.Shellim, Chief Scoutmaster Lt. Kennedy, Mr. W.Dickson, Mrs. Ralphs, Lt. Col. Rayner, Bishop Pozzoni and the Rev. Bro. Director of St. Joseph's College.

   At the conclusion of the exercises Mrs. Rayner resigned charge of her troop and formally handed it over to Miss Skinner. The troops then partook of tea which had been prepared for them on the College verandah by the Patrol Leaders under the supervision of Mrs. Pierpoint and Scoutmaster J.M.Braga. Before leaving, the troops lined up and sang "Auld Lang Syne" the National Anthem and musical honours for Mrs. Rayner.

   Mrs. Rayner in reply expressed her thanks to all who had been so kind in helping to extend the Scout movement in Hongkong, and laid upon each individual Scout the necessity of carrying out in his daily life the ideals of the Scouts law and expressed the hope that when she returned she would find the movement grown to far larger proportions.

   The Troops on parade were:- Hongkong 1, Scoutmaster J.M.Braga; Hongkong 2, Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards; Hongkong 3, Scoutmaster Mrs. Rayner and Miss Skinner; Hongkong 4, Scoutmaster T.A.Carvalho. Wolf Cubs.

   Lt. Kennedy and Honorary Scoutmaster G.E.Roylance were in charge of the parades:

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Rayner were escorted to the Nagoya today by Mrs. Rayner's troop who bore a handsome collection of floral tributes, while a large number of friends assembled on board to see them off.

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