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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, September 20, 1920.

No. 18,060
Page 4



   In connection with the boy scout recruiting rally to be held in St. Andrew's Church Hall this evening, we have been furnished with the following particulars which may be of interest :--

   The St. Andrew's Patrol will be a local unit of the Boy Scouts Association, that world-wide organisation inaugurated by Lt. Gen. Sir R Baden-Powell. The objects of this organisation are, primarily to train the younger generation to be true Britons, gentlemanly loyal and self-reliant, to instil in them that love of God, King and Country which has always been Britain's chief pride, and, to a certain extent, prepare them for the time when they will have to go out and make their own way in the world.

   In particular, the St. Andrew's Patrol, which will be under the able leadership of Capt. Fogg, assisted by Capt. Burdillon, aims to keep the boys amused and at the same time instruct them, by holding classes at Headquarters three or four times a week. The subjects dealt with will cover every interest and hobby a boy could have, and proficiency badges will be issued to all who pass tests in each subject. Thus a boy may get a "grounding" in any trade or profession.
   It is purposed to hold "treks" every Saturday afternoon when powers of observation will be trained and nature subjects dealt with. Beyond this, as often as possible, weekend camps will be held.
   The Patrol will be self-supporting in that every member will purchase his own uniform and pay a small weekly subscription toward camping expenses. The cost of uniform should not be a serious handicap in view of the remarkably low cost at which uniforms are supplied, and in a Colony like this where probably 90 per cent of the boys already possess khaki clothing, the initial outlay is practically nil. However, to obviate all difficulties a scheme is being arranged whereby boys may purchase their uniform on the “instalment" plan if desired.
   The St. Andrew's Patrol is lucky in haying the Church Hall as their Headquarters, since the Hall, which will be open to members at any hour of the day, will make a most excellent meeting place for the boys in their leisure hours, being well supplied with books and games, and boasting a very creditable set of gymnastic appliances.

   All Kowloon boys between the ages of 10 and 18 years are welcome, and it is to be hoped that parents will give this laudable movement their hearty support by removing any obstacles to the boys' desire to join. The Patrol will be run under the auspices of St. Andrew's Church, which amply vouches for the bona fides of the project.
   One word, in conclusion, to the boys themselves: "This is your chance Lads to show your British spirit. Roll up this evening 6 till 7 o'clock and show the Colony the stuff that Kowloon's made of."

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