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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Wednesday, April 5, 1922.
香港英四月五號 禮拜三

No 12,382
Page 2


Presentations at the University.

   The presentation of a large flag with staff and a challenge shield to the Fifth Troop of the Hongkong Boy Scouts took place on the football ground at the Hongkong university yesterday afternoon in the presence of a large gathering including Sir William Brunyate and Lady Brunyate, the Hon. Mr. Lau Chu-pak, patron of the Troop, and a company of Girl Guides. After an interesting exhibition of scout work, such as signalling with flags and rendering first aid to “people injured in accidents.” Mrs. Lau Tak-po presented the colours to the Scoutmaster of the Fifth Troop and Mrs. R.H. Kotewall handed a shield to a member of the Troop. The shield was presented by Mr. R.H. Kotewall. At the conclusion of the ceremony Mrs. Kotewall and Mrs. Lau Tak-po were presented with a beautiful bouquet each, after which cheers were given for the two ladies, Hon. Mr. Lau Chu-pak, the Commissioner of Boy Scouts the Rev. G.T. Waldegrave and others.

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