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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, October 23, 1922.

No. 18,704
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   In the presence of a large gathering of interested spectators and supporters of the movement, the finals in the first annual aquatic meeting of the Hongkong Boy Scouts' Association took place in the V.R.C. bath on Saturday afternoon. All the events were keenly contested by the boys of the various troops, and some exciting races were witnessed. A. May, the Colony's boy champion did very well by winning the 50 yards senior championship, senior diving and senior backstroke, thus making the Fourth Troop the champions of the meet.


   50 Yards Senior Championship. -- 1, A. May (Fourth Troop). 29.15 secs. 2, Tong Tan Chin (Seventh Troop), 31 secs.
   Junior Backstroke.-- 1, F. Zimmern (Fifth Troop). 2, Ng Wai Man (Sixth Troop).
   Wolf Cubs' Race.-- 1, G. Chu (Third Pack). 2. R. Patheyjohns (Fourth Pack).
   100 Yards Senior Championship -- 1, A. May, 70 secs. 2. Tong Tan Chiu, 80.35 secs.
   50 Yards Junior Championship. -- 1, D. Leonard (First Troop), 40.35 secs. 2, Ng Wai Man, 41.25secs.
   Senior Diving.--  1, A. May, 106 points. 2, Leung Han Li (Sixth Troop), 85 points.
   Life Saving Race.-- 1, Tong Tan Chiu. 2, Kwok Hing Wan (Sea Scouts).
   Junior Diving.-- 1, F. Zimmern, 97 points. 2, Ng Wai Man, 96 points.
   Senior Backstroke.-- 1, A. May. 2, Ng Hong Sang (Sea Scouts).
   100 Yards Junior Championship -- 1, D. Leonard, (First Troop). 2, E. Hamson (Third Troop).
   Inter Troop Relax Race -- 1, Seventh Troop. 2, Fifth Troop.
   Novelty Race -- 1, E. Zimmern and W. Shea (Fifth Troop). 2, J.Kotewall (Fifth Troop) and L. Cowan (Fifth Troop).

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