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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Monday, October 17, 1923.
香港英十月十七號 禮拜三

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   On Saturday afternoon last the Boy Scouts held their second annual swimming sports in the V.R.C. bath, by courtesy of the Club officials. Proceedings began at 3 o'clock and the ensuring events came off well up to time. Some really close racing was keenly and enthusiastically watched by the spectators, and the divers showed very pretty style and good form. A Life-Saving Race and also an Obstacle Race had their place among the items.
   At the close of the sports, Mrs. Grace kindly presented to the winners the certificates which the Association issues instead of prizes. The afternoon closed with the presentation to Mrs. Grace of a bouquet by a diminutive Sea Scout and a vote of thanks proposed by District Scoutmaster White to her and to all those who had so kindly assisted in making the sports a success. The singing of the National Anthem brought the little ceremony to a close. The results were as follows:

   50 yards Senior Championship. -- 1st. Sung Cheuk Piu, St. Joseph's Troop. (time 38⅘); 2nd. L. Woo, St. Joseph’s Troop.
   50 yards Junior Backstroke. -- 1st., E. Zimmern, the Roving Fifth. (time 57); 2nd., J. Laing, 1st. Wanchai.
   One Length Wolf Cubs’ Race. -- 1st., G. Chue, 3rd.Pack. (time 19); 2nd. E. Churn, 5th Pack.
   100 yards Senior Championship. -- 1st., E. Zimmern, the Roving Fifth. (time 1.16⅗); 2nd., K. Wilson, 1st. Wanchai.
   50 yards Junior Championship. -- 1st., W. Foulds, 1st. Wanchai. (time 37⅗); 2nd. L. White, 1st. Wanchai.
   Senior Diving. -- 1st., A. May, St. Joseph's Troop; 2nd., J. Kotewall, the Roving Fifth.
   Life Saving Race. -- 1st., Kwok Hing Wan, Sea Scouts. time 61; 2nd., A May.
   Junior Diving. -- 1st., F. Zimmern; 2nd., L. White.
   100 yards Senior Backstroke. -- 1st., Ng Hon Sang, Sea Scouts. (time 1.41); 2nd., E. Zimmern.
   100 yards Junior Championship. -- 1st., W.Foulds (time 1.38); 2nd., R. Gerrard, the Roving Fifth.
   50 yards Scouters and Cubbers. -- 1st., A. S. M. Gittens, the Roving Fifth; 2nd., S. M. Barney, the Roving Fifth.
   Inter-Troop Team Race. -- 1st., St. Joseph's Troop; 2nd., 1st., Wanchai Troop.
   Obstacle Race. -- 1st., Ng Hon Sang; 2nd., B. M. Talati, St. Joseph's Troop.

   In the unavoidable absence of the Commissioner, D.S.M. White was in charge of the proceedings, ably assisted by Lt. Commander H.B.S. Beresford, R.N., as Referee, Mr. A.A. Alves as starter, Messrs. C.H.Blason, G.T.May, and Lieut. Commander J.L.M. Stevenson as Judges, and the Scouters and Cubbers who acted as Stewards.

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