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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Wednesday, October 17, 1923.

No. 19,009
Page 8



   Through the courtesy of the committee of the Victoria Recreation Club, the second
annual aquatic meeting of the Hongkong Boy Scouts’ Association was held in the club's swimming pool on Friday and Saturday last. Ill-health unfertunately prevented the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave. Commissioner, being present, which also accounts for the belated publication of the list of prize winners. The meeting was a complete success and some keenly contested events were witnessed.
   At the conclusion of the programme, Mrs. Grace presented the certificates which the Association issues in lieu of prizes.
   The presentation of a bouquet to Mrs. Grace by a diminutive Sea Scout, hearty votes of thanks to Mrs. Grace and to those who had assisted to make the meeting a success, followed on the proposal of District Scoutmaster White.
   In the unavoidable absence of the Commissioner, D.S.M. White was in charge of the proceedings. He was assisted by Lieut. Commander H.B.S.Beresford, R.N., as Referee, Mr. A.A.Alves as Starter, Messrs. C.H.Blason, G.T.May and Lieut. Commander J.L.M.Stevenson as Judges, and the Scouts and Cubs who acted as Stewards.
   The singing of the National Anthem brought proceedings to a close.

   The results follow:-
   50 Yards Senior Championship.-- 1st., Sung Cheuk-piu (St. Joseph’s Troop); 2nd, L.Woo (St. Joseph's Troop). Time: 38 ⅘ secs.
   50 Yards Junior Backstroke.-- 1st, E.Zimmern (The Roving Fifth); 2nd, J. Laing (1st Wanchai). Time: 57secs.
   One Length Wolf Cubs' Race.-- 1st. G.Chue (3rd Pack); 2nd, E.Churn (5th Pack). Time: 19secs.
   100 Yards Senior Championship.-- 1st. E. Zimmern (The Roving Fifth); 2nd, K.Wilson (1st Wanchai). Time: 1min. 16 ⅗ secs.
   50 Yards Junior Championship.-- 1st, W.Foulds (1st. Wanchai); 2nd, L.White (1st Wanchai): Time: 37 ⅗ secs.
   Senior Diving.-- 1st, A.May (St. Joseph’s Troop); 2nd, J.Kotewall (The Roving Fifth).
   Life Saving Race.-- 1st, Kwok Hing-wan (Sea Scouts); 2nd. A. May (St. Joseph's Troop). Time: 61secs.
   Junior Diving.-- 1st, F.Zimmern (The Roving Fifth); 2nd, L.White (1st Wanchai).
   100 Yards Senior Backstroke.-- 1st. Ng Hon-sang (Sea Scouts); 2nd. E.Zimmern (The Roving Fifth. Time: 1min. 41secs.
   100 Yards Junior Championships.-- 1st, W. Foulds (The Roving Fifth); 2nd. R.Gerrard (The Roving Fifth). Time: 1min. 38secs.
   50 Yards Scouters and Cubbers.-- 1st. A.S.M. Gittens (The Roving Fifth); 2nd. S.M.Barney (The Roving Fifth).
   Inter-Troop Team Race.-- 1st, St. Joseph's Troop; 2nd, 1st Wanchai Troop.

   Obstacle Race.-- 1st, Ng Hon-sang; 2nd, B.M.Talati (St. Joseph’s Troop).

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