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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Thursday, April 17, 1924.
香港英四月十七號 禮拜四

No 12,459
Page 7



   The Boy Scout Association Rules lay down that Scouts are not allowed to solicit money either for their Troop Funds or any other purpose, and the spirit of the movement as regards finance on the part of the boys themselves is that money should be earned. To this end, local Troops and Packs organise concerts, and by their efforts as entertainers Troop funds are raised.
   A very enjoyable concert was given at the Seamen's Institute, Praya East, on Tuesday evening by the Scouts and Cubs of the 3rd. Wanchai (Wesleyan) Troop. Judging by the applause, the large audience appreciated the various items of a well thought out programme.
   Miss Jean Foulds in the opening pianoforte solo displayed great musical talent, and the snake-march and chorus by the Scout Troop were very interesting. Mrs. D.J.Brown, and Mrs. R.K.Duncan delighted the gathering by their faultless rendering of selected songs, and Patrol Leader Leslie White gave a vocal account of the adventures of Tim, a "Tenderfoot," who "made good" when he was placed in charge of a patrol.
   The Chief Scout's address (by gramophone) was listened to with great interest, and the original methods adopted by the Scouts to represent the Great Bear, Orion, and other constellations were amusing and instructive. The display by the Wolf-Cub Pack under the able guidance of Cubmaster F.P.Williams showed that the younger lads of the Troop have the true Cub spirit of Dob, Dob, Dob. (Do Our Best).
   At the conclusion Scoutmaster A. Kirk thanked the lady artistes and the audience for their attendance and support. Mr. C.Champkin, Deputy Commissioner, in a short speech thanked all who had contributed to the success of the evening, and the singing of the National Anthem brought an end to an enjoyable scout entertainment.
   Mr. J.G.P.Foulds, Cubmaster of the 6th (Taikoo) Pack rendered valuable assistance, and the members of the 3rd. Troop thanked him heartily for his "scouty" services so readily given.

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