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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Thursday, September 30, 1926.

No. 19,919
Page 6



   It will probably be some days before a correct estimate will be possible of the loss of life among the Macao fishing folk making up the fleet which was dispersed by Monday's typhoon. Few of the boats which have put into shelter after trying experiences can speak as to the safety or otherwise of others.
   Six vessels believed to be part of the Macao fishing fleet limped into sanctuary at Aberdeen yesterday with tattered sails and bearing every sign of severe buffetting. They report having drifted helplessly during the typhoon blow and to have made for Hong Kong when the elements calmed.

Scouts Washed Out.

   The typhoon season and abnormal rains have affected Scout camping in the Colony.
   From the "Silver Wolf" it is learned that the Yaumati Troop was washed out one night at Taipo and the 10th (St. Paul's) Troop had a very narrow escape at Shek O during the deluge of July 18-19. The latter returned to town with the kind assistance of a lorry belonging to Messrs. Dodwell & Co., Ltd. and were very lucky to be safe at home.
   The 20th at Shek O, Sea Scouts at Taipo and the 4th (Murray) at Tai-tam-tuk were other Troops which were affected.
   The boys stuck it out cheerfully, says the article.

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