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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Wednesday, May 4th, 1927.
英壹仟九百廿七年五月四日 禮拜叁

No. 21,470

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   Entries for the Essay Competition (the subject being "Honour") were very few which was disappointing, says The Silver Wolf, the local Scouts Magazine. The prize was awarded to Scout Yip Fu To who receives $5, and $5 also goes to the Funds of the 20th Troop of which he is a member. A translation of the Essay sent in by Yip Fu To is as follows:-
   "Sincerity is Truthfulness." Confucius says "A man without Truth knows not what will become of him."
   A man can only maintain his reputation in Society by being sincere, as it is obvious that if you break faith with others they will not trust you, which amounts to injuring yourself.
   "Practice," so runs an old saying, "becomes second nature." Insincerity if not checked will become a fixed habit, and will be a danger to those who indulge in it.
   Once a boy was fishing at a pond without success and to amuse himself he cried out for help and then laughed at people who came to his assistance. Another time he was walking along the edge of the pond and was so pleased with the sight of the fishes playing with one another that he did not look where he was going and fell into the water. He cried out for help but people thought he was fooling again and took no notice, so he was drowned and death was the result of not being truthful.
   The first Scout Law is to be truthful. This keeps the boys straight and maintains their honour.
   By keeping true one can face God and man because there is nothing to be afraid of.

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