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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Saturday, October 29, 1927.
香港英十月廿九號 禮拜六

No 22,310
Page 1



   Notice is given in the current Government Gazette that the Hongkong Branch of the Boy Scouts Association intends at an early date to apply to the Legislative Council for a Bill to further and protect the activities of the Boy Scouts Association and to incorporate the Hongkong Branch thereof.
   The draft of the Bill is also published, and it is stated in the "Objects and Reasons:"
The Boy Scouts Association, which was founded in the year 1908 by Sir Robert Baden Powell, was incorporated by Royal Charter on the 4th January, 1912. His Majesty the King is Patron of the Association, and Sir Robert Baden Powell is Chief Scout. As is well known local associations have been formed all over the British Empire.
   In the case of branches organized in the dominions and in the Colonies, Chief Scouts or Chief Commissioners are appointed. His Excellency the Governor is the Chief Scout of the Hongkong Branch, the Honourable Mr. R.H.Kotewall, C.M.G., LL.D., is President, and the Reverend G.T.Waldegrave is Commissioner.
   The great success of this movement is a temptation to the formation of small local associations, copying the titles and badges of the original movement, but not subject to the organization and strict discipline of the now widespread Boy Scouts Association. One of the two main objects of this Bill is to protect the original Boy Scouts Association and its Hongkong Branch from any such imitations in this Colony. Similar protection has been given to the Boy Scouts Association in the Straits Settlements by Ordinance No. 10 of 1926, of that Colony. The other main object of the bill is to incorporate the Hongkong Branch. The Headquarters of the Boy Scouts Association state that the majority of the oversea branches have obtained local incorporation Ordinances.
   Section 3 of the Ordinance provides that no person other than the Hongkong Branch of the Boy Scouts Association shall sell or distribute any badge adopted by the Association, or any badge containing the word "Scout" or containing the Chinese characters which have been adopted as the Chinese title of the Association.

   Section 4 prohibits the unauthorized possession of any such badge as is referred to in the preceding paragraph.
   Section 5 prohibits the possession of any device which so closely resembles any badge adopted by the Association as to lead to the belief that the device in question is an authorized badge of the Association.
   Section 5 also prohibits the possession of any badge token or emblem containing any words or characters so closely resembling any words or characters ordinarily used to describe boy scouts as to be calculated to deceive or mislead.
   Section 6 prohibits the attempts by boy scouts to exercise authority otherwise than in accordance with the rules of the Association.
   Section 7 (1) prohibits any organization which without authority claims or purports to be "Boy Scouts," or which used the title of “Boy Scouts" or the equivalent Chinese title and also any organization which uses any title in any thing which so closely resembles either of the two said titles as to be calculated to deceive or mislead.
   Section 7 (2) provides that no person shall without the consent of the Governor in Council be a member of any organization other than the Boy Scouts Association, Hongkong Branch, which carries on or is intended to carry on any work of a similar nature to that carried on by the Hongkong Branch of the Boy Scouts Association.
   The maximum penalty for contravention of the Ordinance is, by section 8, fixed at $250.
   Sections 9 to 10 deal with the question of incorporation. They follow the usual form of incorporation Ordinances. Section 11 transfers to the new corporation all the movables and rights at present belonging to the members of the unincorporated Boy Scouts Association (Hongkong Branch) or held by or vested in any person on behalf of the members of that association. Section 12 provides that all matters of internal management shall be carried out in accordance with the constitution, byelaws and rules of the parent Association, and with any byelaws or rules made by the Hongkong Branch.

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