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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Saturday, March 30, 1929.
香港英三月三十號 禮拜六

No 22,761
Page 16



   For the Boy Scout Coming of Age Jamboree, which is to be held at Birkenhead in July and August, Hongkong had hoped to send a contingent, but the cost was found to be prohibitive, and it was felt that the money could be better applied for the good of the greater number in Hongkong itself. Other means had therefore to be sought for securing representation.
   On enquiry from the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, the local Commissioner, the Telegraph is informed that Mr. C.H.Blason, Assistant Commissioner, is leaving the Colony for good next month, but he is not resigning from his Assistant Commissionership until after the Jamboree, so as to hold an authoritative position at that function.
   While the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla was in these waters, some 20 naval ratings from ships in that flotilla joined or re-joined the Scout Movement by becoming Rover Scouts in the local Branch. When the Flotilla was withdrawn, these Rover Scouts decided, so far as possible, to keep up their connexion with this local branch, in which they were first formed into two patrols, and also, so far as the Service conditions permitted, with each other.
   These Rovers have the permission of Imperial Headquarters to represent Hongkong - so many of them as are able to get the necessary leave. It is also likely that a few Scouts who have recently returned to England will be able to get up to Birkenhead.
   Whether it will be possible to find any Chinese Scouts from Hongkong in England, at that time, remains to be seen, but, to sum up, Mr. Blason will be in command of the Hongkong party of representatives, which will in the main consist of the Rover Scouts mentioned above.

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