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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, September 21, 1931.

No. 27,907
Page 6


Display for Guests in Kowloon.

   Brilliant sunshine attended an "At Home" and display of Scout craft, given by the 1st Kowloon (St. Andrew's) Troop of Boy Scouts in the St. Andrew's Church grounds on Saturday afternoon. Numerous parents and friends were present, including the Rev. E.A.Armstrong (District Commissioner for Kowloon) the Rev. N.V.Halward, M.C., (Assistant Commissioner for Training Camp) and Lieut. C.G.H.Christian, R.A. (Assistant Commissioner).
   The Scouts turned out in full strength, under Scoutmaster R.Dormer and Assistant Scoutmaster R.H.Wong. They commenced the programme at 3 o'clock by falling into horseshoe formation, and after breaking the flag, carried on with a miniature troop meeting.

Bicycles as Stretchers.

   This was followed by a demonstration of first aid, which showed the uses of bicycles as stretcher conveyances. The scene presented was a typical camping one.
   Next came bridging, in which all the boys took part in building four trestles. The bridge, the type used in shallow streams, was put up in good time, and many walked over it successfully.
   The lighter side of Scouting was enthusiastically displayed with a "hare and hound" game and ball throwing. Both proved popular with the guests.

Special Parade Service.

   On the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the 1st Kowloon (St. Andrew's) Troop of Boy Scouts, a special parade service, which was attended by Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Cubs, was held in St. Andrew's Church yesterday morning. There was a large congregation.
   The service was conducted by the Vicar (the Rev. W.Walton Rogers, M.A.) and the Rev. E.A.Armstrong, B.A. (Assistant Chaplain and District Commissioner for Kowloon). The First Lesson was read by Scoutmaster R.Dormer and the Second Lesson was read by Assistant Scoutmaster R.H.Wong.
   The Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, M.A. (Commissioner and Deputy Camp Chief for Hong Kong) delivered an interesting sermon on the romance of Scouting, remarking that it would never diminish but go on to eternity.
   After the service, the 1st Kowloon Troop assembled in the grounds, where they were the recipients of good wishes from the Deputy Camp Chief.

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