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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Thursday, February 4, 1932.
香港英二月四號 禮拜四


No 23,619
Page 12



Sir Shouson Chow distributed prizes won by scholars during the past year at the annual Speech Day of St. Paul's College, which was held yesterday, under the Chairmanship of the Bishop.
The Headmaster, in the course of his report referred to the scheme of rebuilding and extending the College. He stated that little progress had been made but they were hoping to make substantial progress during the coming year, as it was becoming increasingly urgent owing to the age of part of the building.

Sir Shou-son Chow's Speech.

   Addressing the gathering, Sir Shou-son Chow said:
   My Lord Bishop, Mr. Stewart, Iadies and gentlemen:
   l am discharging this pleasant duty on behalf of my friend the Hon. Mr. Kotewall, who unfortunately is forbidden by his doctor to speak in public for a few days, owing to slight indisposition. I may say that the sentiments I am about to express are also those of Mr. Kotewall.
   I congratulate the College upon another year of good work, the results as revealed in the Headmaster’s report being as satisfactory as those of previous years. I was particularly pleased to see that the attendance was even better than that of the previous year, for I hold the view that the success of a student in his studies depends largely upon regular attendance. I am very glad that during the past year special attention was paid to the study of Chinese, with the gratifying results pointed out by the Headmaster.
   Though I am not an educationalist, I believe that the innovation of making promotions in the lower school, on the results of monthly tests instead of on those of the examinations in June and November, is a step in the right direction for, as the Headmaster has said, the new system tends to steady work, rather than to cramming just before the examination.

Pleased With Scouts.

   As one who takes a keen interest in sports and in Boy Scouting, it has afforded me very special pleasure to hear that, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Halward, the College Troop of Boy Scouts has immensely improved in efficiency, and had increased in numbers. I am sure that this result must have afforded great pleasure to the Hon. Mr. Kotewall who is President of the local Association.
   It is a pity that little progress has been made with the scheme of rebuilding and extending the school premises. At the meeting held at the City Hall about 3 years ago, in celebration of the 80th Anniversary of St. Paul's College, appeals were made to the Public by the then Headmaster, the Rev. A.D.Stewart, by His Lordship the Bishop of Victoria and by His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, for donations to enable the College to complete this scheme of extension, I venture to take this opportunity to add my humble voice of appeal, to the Community for their generous support to, what is in my opinion a very necessary and deserving project.

   It is my melancholy duty to join with the Headmaster in expressing deep regret, at the impending departure of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Victoria. The keen interest which His Lordship and Mrs. Duppuy have always taken in all matters conducive to the welfare of the Colony, has endeared them to all those who know them, whatever their creed or nationality; and on behalf of their Chinese friends, I wish them health, happiness and success in the new sphere of work to which they have been called.

Presentation to Headmaster.

   During the evening the opportunity was taken to present Mr. Arthur Stewart and Mrs. Stewart with a gift, prior to their departure on leave.

   A programme of Chinese music, Ventriloquism and Chinese plays was given, in addition to a demonstration of a few phases of Boy Scouts work.

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