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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, July 16, 1932.

No. 28,161
Page 13


Master at Arms Badge Won By Winyard

   Second Jimmy Winyard who successfully passed the tests for the Master at Arms badge, was presented with the badge on Thursday evening, when the troop had lined up in patrol formation.
   After a general inspection by A.S.M. Wong, for which points were given which will count towards the Barnes Inter Patrol Cup competition, scoutcraft was indulged in. Several of the boys were given a "run through" their signalling, in semaphore. Games followed, Wally Henderson gaining first place in grabbing the pole, while Len Gibson was the best in the observation game.
   This afternoon, the boys are meeting at the Church grounds, when they will practice the art of lashing ropes, this being in preparation for a team to be sent to Sai Wan Camp.

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