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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Thursday, April 27, 1933.

No. 28,401
Page 7


High Standard At St. Stephen's.

   Twenty six students of St. Stephen's College, Stanley, who entered for the Intermediate Examinations of the Royal Life Saving Society passed with excellent results, each candidate winning the Bronze Medallion.
   The boys have been very well trained by Sergeant Ford, of the South Wales Borderers, and both he and Mr. A.J.Gaunt, a Master at St. Stephen's College, are to be congratulated on their efforts. The students throughout have maintained smart and efficient turn outs at all classes. Mr. Gaunt, also competed and passed successfully.
   Mr. R.J.Hunt, who is the local representative and examiner of the Royal Life Saving Society and Mr. A.Brand, of the Hong Kong Police Force, who is assistant examiner, took the classes and reported that the candidates showed a very high standard of efficiency.
   The successful candidates were Mr. J.A.Gaunt, Hoh King Kiu, Xom Paktakanistas, Cheung Wing Ngok, Lay Chong Kao, Chan Hee Tan, Yang Tong Kee, Lo Hock Seng, Liem Tiang Siang, Lim Yong, Valdya Sonama, Tang Ying Kee, Ko Kiau Sing, Lee Hua Sing, Wong Song Tak, Fan Chi Kwan, Si Wai Ming, Hon Soong Cheong, Han Teng Yuan, Lee Chang Liang, Tan Siang Hoey, Lim Boon Chor, Chia Ching Kia, Wong Kam Chow, Uthai Sengruchi and Poo See Dong.

Boy Scouts

   Scout Mackay and Scout Bond of the 1st Kowloon Troop, have passed their tests very satisfactorily, and it is hoped that they will give their knowledge to the remainder of the troop.

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