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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, October 23, 1933.
香港英十月廿三號 禮拜一


No 14133
Page 9



   The annual swimming sports of the Boy Scouts Association were held on Saturday afternoon in the V.R.C. Bath by kind permission of the Club.
   There was some excellent racing, and the excitement was sustained to the end when three teams lined up for the Inter Troop Relay Race, The Sea Scouts needing only third place to win the Bird Challenge Cup for the Troop gaining most points in the sports. After having established a substantial lead, one of their swimmers took a crooked course and fouled
one of the 1st Kowloon, (St. Andrew's) team, this of course leading to the disqualification of the Sea Scouts.
   During the Sports points had been lost in the same way by other troops, and also by competitors failing to make a proper touch at the turn, and eventually St. Andrews was awarded the Bird Challenge Cup, having won it by half a point from the Sea Scouts. The 1st Kowloon, St. Andrew's Wolf Cubs also carried off the Akela Cup for the Pack winning most points.


   At the conclusion of the events, tea was served and the Certificates, awarded to the successful competitors, and the Challenge Cups, were presented by the Commissioner. He regretted, he said, the absence of the President of the Association, the Hon. Dr. Kotewall as it would be his last chance of presenting the awards in that capacity. He had been invited to come, but had unfortunately already had to refuse another Sports engagement and had sent his wishes for a successful meeting and his regrets at being unable to attend.
   The Commissioner, saying that it was also, as far as he was concerned, the last time that he should be able to do so, expressed his sincere thanks for all who had helped this year and on previous occasions to make the Sports a success by acting as referees, judges and other officials, and to the V.R.C. for year by year allowing the Association to use the Bath.
   The Officials were:- Referee, Captain C.E.Elliot Heywood; Judges, Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner; Mr. E.F.Selk, and two Naval helper from H.M.S Tamar who also acted as time keepers; Starter, Rev. N.V.Halward, Assistant Commissioner; Recorder, A.S.M. L.Tiu. The Deep Sea Scouts also gave valuable assistance as touch judges and Competitors Stewards.


   The results of the races were as follows:- 25 yards Jun. Wolf Cubs- 1. G.Saunders, 2. G.Crookdake; 50 yards Sen. Scout Championship- 1. Sum Ka-mong, 2. O.Bitzer; 25 yards Sen. Wolf Cubs- 1. R.Hall, P.Floyd, dead heat; 50 yards Jun. Scouts Backstroke- 1. R.Maycock, 2. A.K.Rumjahn; Wolf Cub Inter Pack Relay Race- 1. 1st Kowloon (St. Andrew's) 2. 14th. 100 yards Sen. Scout Championship- 1. Ip Hon-chuen, Hongkong; 2. S.Lee; Jun. Scouts Diving- 1. N.Booker 2. Yeo Wing Jing and Ho Wing-wai; Wolf Cubs Diving- 1. M.James, 2. P.Floyd: Life Saving Race- 1. Shin Ka-sing, 2. O.Bitzer; 50 yards Jun. Scouts Championship- 1. Booker, 2. Ho Wing Wai; Scouters, Rovers Deep Sea Scouts' and Senior Scouts' 50 yards.- 1. Leung Lai-sang, 2. Wong Sui-cheong; Senior Scouts Diving- 1. O.Bitzer, 2. L.Gibson; Rover Scouts, Deep Sea Scouts' and Senior Scouts' 100 yards Breaststroke- 1. Leung Lai-sang, 2. Wong Sui-cheong; Inter Scout Troop Relay Race 1. 1st Kowloon, 2. 1st Hongkong; Bird Challenge Cup 1st Kowloon Troop, (St. Andrews), 17 points; President's Cup (for Runners up) 1st Sea Scouts 16 1/2 points; Akela Cup (for Wolf Cubs) 1st Kowloon Pack, (St. Andrew's) 11 1/2 points.

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