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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, November 25, 1934.

中華民國二十三年 歲次甲戌年十月十九日

Vol. XI. No. 561.
Page 11



   A tribute to the leaders of the St. Andrew's Church Boy Scouts' troop, whose untiring efforts had enabled the troops to attain a high standard of efficiency, was paid by the Vicar, the Rev. J.R.Higgs, M.A., at the Scouts "At Home" held in the Church grounds yesterday.
   The Rev. Higgs, in the course of short address, said that he was very proud of the troop and all credit was due to the Scoutmasters, Messrs. R.Dormer, R.Wong and F.V.Wong. They had put in an amazing amount of work for the troop and had raised it to the standard it was today, he said. Mr. Dormer and Mr. Richard Wong were leaving on holiday shortly, and he appealed to the boys to give their support to Mr. Fred Wong, who would then be in charge of the troop. It was, in fact, an opportunity of showing their appreciation by maintaining the good work and improving the troop, he said.
   He thanked the leaders on behalf of those present and wished them a happy holiday in the "land of the kangaroos."

Boys' Cooperation

   Mr. Dormier, in reply, thanked the Vicar for the compliments paid to the troop, and added that the success of the troop was a result of the help which they had received from the boys themselves. Both Mr. Wong and he were only too happy to give what little assistance they could.
Among the many parents and friends present were Mrs. J.R.Higgs, wife of the Vicar, Mr. and Mrs. Engelerecht, Mrs. Gunson, Mrs. Millington, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Edmondson, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Wong, and the Misses F. and J.Wong.

Parting Gift To Scout

   Scout Wally Newell, who is leaving for Home on the troopship Somersetshire on Thursday, was presented with a book by his fellow scouts.
   During the afternoon displays of gymnastics, pyramid tableaux, Indian club swinging, first aid tests, and flagstaff and other structures with scout poles were given.
   The Rev. Higgs won the guests' competition for gentlemen, while little Miss Eldridge won the ladies' prize. Tea was served during the afternoon.

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