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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, December 14, 1936.
英壹仟玖佰卅陸年拾弍月拾肆日 禮拜壹

No. 24437

Page 6


Deep Sea Scouts' Annual Social
(BY E.J.M.)

   Shades of Captain Kidd Shiver me timbers, what's this?
   Pirates, comely wenches and gentlemen in a merry revel that savours of blood and gore and mingled with the screams of victims made to walk the plank to their watery graves, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
   Such was the impression I gained when I attended the Annual Social of the Deep Sea Scouts which was held in the Seamen's Institute on Saturday night. It was the first of this event to be given by Paymaster Commander K.Lawder, China Fleet Scoutmaster, and his band and it was met with unqualified success.
   I gained admittance into "Ye Olde Jolly Roger" by introducing myself to a fearsome looking buccaneer who was armed with bloody dirk and cutlass. He scowled fiercely at me and examined my credentials.
   "Pssst!" he hissed through his teeth. "Follow me."
   A few minutes later I found myself within the "tavern" and given the searching eye by the host, old John Silver, who commended my person to his gang of cutthroats. I looked around meand gasped with surprise at the sight that greeted my eyes.
   The dreaded skull and bones flag was draped on the rear wall and before it stood a number of barrels on which lighted candles and shaded Ianthorns threw out frightening shadows around the hall. Maidens galore - what a pretty sight they were in their gypsy costumes! - sat at the tables and chatted gally with their buccaneering companions. I soon joined one of the table parties and found myself calling the pirates by their names Morgan, Davy Jones, Popeye and Barnacle Bell were but a few of them.


   Although their tattered clothes and knives were daubed with blood stains, these pirates proved themselves charming people. Perhaps a dirk would flash suddenly in the semi darkness and some rogue would which in agony from a death stab but the guests themselves were never in danger of being victims in this glorious orgy of killings.
   Dancing and drinking were not enough for the inmates of "Ye Olde Jolly Roger" and entertainment added to the jollity of the occasion. Several "floor acts" were presented by the Deep Sea Scouts fitting to the affair.
   At eleven o'clock all fun was temporarily cast aside as the gathering listened to the proclamation of King George VI to the throne over the radio which ended with everyone singing "God Save the King."
   The fun was resumed and a number of competitions were introduced which served to further liven the "Pirates' Barbecue" to a point where everyone wished it would never end. The prize winners of the evening were the Misses I.Woolley and E.Banker and their partners.
   Among the guests were the Rev. N.V.Halward, M.C., (Commissioner Boy Scouts Association of Hong Kong) and Mr. P.A.Pockson (Secretary, B.S.A. of Hong Kong.)

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