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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, June 27, 1938.
英壹仟玖佰卅捌年陸月弍拾柒日 禮拜壹

No. 24910.

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   Eight miles from the Star Ferry and along the new military road to Clear Water Bay is situated the scenic village of Tat Po Tsai. About 270 years ago a Chinese pioneer arrived at the spot, and being enchanted by its beautiful, natural surroundings brought his family and made his home there. The village has now a population of nearly three hundred people.
   Through the generous assistance of the Colony Scout Commissioner, Rev. N.V.Halward and the willing cooperation of the village elders, a Boy Scout Troop was formed to the village school.
   The recruits were invested yesterday in the presence of a big gathering including a group of Boy Scouts and Rovers from the 11th Kowloon, Wah Yan College. The new troop will be called the 19th Kowloon.
   It is hoped that more new troops will be formed in the various villages in the New Territories to teach the village boys the rudiments of Scouting which have proved so immensely useful and valuable in character building and education.

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