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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Saturday, December 17, 1938.
香港英十二月十七號 禮拜六


No 15703
Page 21


Prince of Wales Banner Won By 1st. Hongkong

   The annual Competition Camp of the Boy Scouts Association for the Prince of Wales Banner was held at Chai Wan Camp last weekend.
   The standard of Camping and Scoutcraft had improved greatly since last year, but there is still room for more improvement. The boys themselves were very smart in their appearance, and the parade at the Flagstaff on Sunday morning impressed even the examiners.

Final Placings

   Final Placings.- 13th. Hongkong (Central Chinese) Troop, 180;  1st. Hongkong (St. Joseph's) Troop, 179; 1st. Hongkong (Sea Scouts), 178; 15th. Kowloon (Mong Kok) Troop, 173; 10th. Hongkong (St. Paul's) Troop, 164; 17th. Kowloon (La Salle College) Troop, 157; 15th. Hongkong (Wah Yan College) Troop, 157; 11th. Kowloon (Wah Yan College) Troop, 153; 4th. Kowloon (Garrison) Troop, 151; 6th. Kowloon (D.B.S.) Troop, 149; 7th. Hongkong (King's College) Troop, 135; 13th. Kowloon (St. Teresa's) Troop, 128.
   The Organisation of the Competition, as well as the judging, was carried out by the China Fleet Deep Sea Scouts, under Rev. L.Sherley Price, Fleet Commissioner.
   The Competition Camp is the second half of the Annual Prince of Wales Banner Competition, the whole of which was won by the 1st. Hongkong (St. Joseph's) Troop, with the 13th Hongkong Troops as runners up.

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