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The China Mail.

Wednesday, December 11, 1940

No. 92,019
Page 8


Acting Governor At King's College Speech Day

   "IT IS WITH GREAT pleasure that I can announce that we now have another scholarship in the school. This is due to the generosity of Mr. Li Po-chun, who has provided funds for one scholarship in each class," said Mr. H.G.Wallington, M.A., headmaster, at the annual speech day and prize giving of King's College.

Scout Troop

   I must refer to one point - in Mr. Wallington's report, to wit, the Scout Troop. Should an emergency occur the Boy Scout organisation is going to have an outstanding opportunity of playing its part in the very best type of Scout work for the good of the community. It would be a pity, if King's College, which has showed already so excellent a spirit in voluntary work, should not play its full part here; if it is to do so it will be necessary to expand the present strength of its Scout Troop and for this purpose it seems necessary to organise a supply of more Scouters to train it.
   Now I want to express my great appreciation of the generosity of Mr. Li Po-chun, who as you have heard, has provided no less than ten new scholarships to the School. This is indeed a wise and public spirited act of generosity, and one of which the donor may well be proud.
   Finally I will conclude this brief address with an item which seldom fails to go with a swing in any school in any part of the world, and that is to request Mr. Wallington to grant the School a holiday to celebrate this occasion as a mark of my satisfaction of an excellent year's work by the whole team, Principal, staff and boys.

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