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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Thursday, July 3, 1941.
香港英七月三號 禮拜四


No 16500
Page 2


Boy Scouts Flourish Here

   The annual report of the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association says that despite the evacuation, which has affected most of the European groups, an increase in numbers of troops and scouts is reported.
   In an introduction, Rev. N.V.Halward, Colony Commissioner, states:
   The organisation of the A.R.P. Despatch Corps has entailed an enormous amount of purely voluntary work on the part of many Scouters and although the requisite numbers have not yet been enrolled. I think it can safely be said that a very efficient nucleus has been trained and will be ready to play their part in an emergency.
   The report says the outstanding feature of the year was that the Iarge increase in numbers recorded in 1939 was not only maintained, but slightly exceeded. The increase shown does not include the figures of two Groups which, though functioning throughout the year, were not considered satisfactory, and these figures have purposely been omitted pending the probable closure of the Groups. The grand total remains exactly the same as that of last year, but the number of actual Groups, Scouters and Scouts has created a new record.
   Three groups closed in Hongkong during the year, 4th Murray, 5th St John's and 9th Stanley. In each case, all members were evacuated. Four new Groups were registered, St Stephen's College revived their Group and new Groups were started at Min Kiu College, Chiu Chow School and St Louis School.

Kowloon Groups Closed

   Five Groups closed in Kowloon, Holy Trinity School returned to Chinese territory with their Group and all members of the 4th Garrison were evacuated. The 3rd Catholic closed through lack of support and Nan Yuet and Ling Tung School were closed as unsatisfactory. Six new Groups were registered, Mun Sang School revived their Group and new Groups were started at the following schools - Kowloon Tong, Wing On, Man Fan and Chee Yung, while Tak Ming School started another Group at their third branch school, making a total of three Groups now administered by this school. Kowloon College and Sze Sze School Groups' figures were omitted from the census return.
   The census taken in September does not really indicate the growth of Cubbing during the year. There were eight packs and four new ones were formed during the year.
   The formation of the Boy Scout Despatch Corps and consequent A.R.P. training of the members has been the principal activity of most Hongkong Boy Scouts during the year.
   The usual assistance has been given to the Street Sleepers' Shelter Society throughout the season and also to the Exhibition of Chinese Products. The latter entailed 50 Scouts per day being on duty during the second week in February. Representative parties attended the Chinese National Day Service at St Paul's Church on October 10, and the Empire Day Service at St John's Cathedral on May 24.
   His Excellency the Local Chief Scout was pleased to commend P.L. So Kwok-wing of the 1st Hongkong (Sea Scout) Group in May for good services rendered on March 5, 1940 when, during the practice blackout of that date, and with the assistance of a friend, he rescued from the harbour a person who was in danger of drowning.

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