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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Saturday, August 17, 1946.

No. 33439.
Page 5


Chief Scout At Rally

   His Excellency the Governor, as Chief Scout, spent over an hour in Causeway Bay yesterday watching the scouts at first aid work, bridge building, signalling and other scout craft.
   This was the first occasion His Excellency has seen the local Boy Scouts at work and the rally was specially arranged as a welcome to His Excellency in accepting the position of Chief Scout here. Over 820 members of the 17 troops in Hong Kong and Kowloon were present.
   During the afternoon His Excellency presented the Silver Cross to Wong Kai-cheung (1st H.K. Sea Scouts) for gallantry. Wong was responsible for saving the life of a fisherman off Waglan in December 1941 after a sampan had been sunk by the Japanese.
   Accompanying His Excellency were Major Kite, his secretary and others present were the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. T.N.Chau, Mrs. Ryder, Commodore Everett, Mrs. P.Wong, Mr. C.C.Quah, Deputy Commissioner and Hon. Secretary of the Boy Scouts Association, Mr. J.Pau, District Commissioner, Hong Kong, Mr. G.S.P.Hayward, Assistant Commissioner for Rovers, Mr. S.Lobato Faria, District Scout Master, Kowloon, Mr. Wong Yat-hing, District Commissioner Scout Master, Hong Kong, and Mr. Tony Yeung, District Scout Master, New Territories.
   Welcoming His Excellency Mr. C.C.Quah said:-
   "Since 1941 when you first consented to be our Chief Scout and Patron, we have looked forward to meeting you, and I can assure you that the long interval that has elapsed has not dampened that desire; rather it has served to increase it. On behalf of the entire Boy Scouts Association, I welcome you with all the joy in our hearts.

Growing Numbers

   "Perhaps it may be well to give a short account of Scouting in the Colony at present. Today, we have roughly 800 Scouts including those of the new Troops which have recently come into existence. I may mention that the 13th H.K. (Central Chinese) Troop was the first troop to get going after the liberation. Enthusiasts are many and our members are growing daily, but our greatest handicap at the moment is the shortage of scoutmasters. Our Headquarters has been completely looted.
   "Thanks to Lt. Col. Mitchell and Major Williams, we are allowed the use of a room in the Volunteer Headquarters. Practically all the troops have had to start from scratch. In spite of these and other inevitable drawbacks, I am pleased to say that the fine spirit shown more than compensates for the present inconveniences and speaks well for the future of Scouting in Hong Kong. I must also state the Association has received help from various Government Offices in the form of equipment and donations for all of which we are extremely grateful."
   In reply, His Excellency expressed his pleasure at being with them and said that when he accepted the position of Chief Scout in 1941 he did not have an opportunity of meeting the Boy Scouts. But he had heard of their good work, and especially that of the Despatch Riders.

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