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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Saturday, July 16, 1949.

No. 34333.
Page 3


Pl Scouts En Route To Norway

   A group of Boy Scouts representing the Philippine Islands at the Fourth World Rover Moot came in yesterday from Manila by PAL. They are in transit here. Their destination is Norway where the meeting is to be held.
   The head of the group is Dr. Mariano de los Santos, president of the University of Manila. The Scouts were Ricardo Vergara, Irineo Ranjo, Jr., Plaridel Tengco. They represent different provinces of the P.I.
   The International Boy Scouts meeting la to last ten days, from August 2 still August 12.
   The discussion of this meeting is to be mainly concerned with Senior Scouts.
   The Scouts were welcomed at the airport by Mr. Jose P.Barroga of Philippine Consulate.


Pl Scouts Arrive

   Philippine representatives arrived in the Colony yesterday on their way to the Fourth World Scouts Jamboree in Norway. They are (left to right): P.Tangoo, Dr. Mariana de los Santos, R.Vergara and I.Ranjo.

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