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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, January 29, 1950.

No. 228.
Page 3



   Holders of the following entrance ticket numbers are requested to call at the Scouts' Headquarters, Hong Kong at their convenience during office hour at 3316, 5185, 9342, 9303, 9165, 6951. Also Miss Isabella Palmer, Flat 7, 62 Macdonald Road, the winner of the Treasure Hunt prize.


Boy Scouts' Bazaar

   Lieutenant General Sir E.C.Robert Mansergh, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Hong Kong, cutting the tape at the opening of the Boy Scouts' Grand Bazaar at Murray Parade Ground yesterday. On General Mansergh's left is, Sir Arthur Morse, President of the Hong Kong Boy Scouts Association.

   The Grand Bazaar was well attended, and fully participated in by the various troops and packs of the Colony. ("China Mail" Photo).

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