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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Tuesday, August 29, 1950.

No. 34678.
Page 3


Beach personnel, Scouts pass life saving tests

   Beach personnel of the Urban Council and the Kowloon Boy Scouts went for their intermediate and bronze medallion practical life saving examination at the Lai Chi Kok amusement park last evening.
   This was the second Urban Council group being prepared by Chief Inspector O.F.Bower, Hong Kong representative of the Royal Life saving Society, to ensure public safety at the Colony's beaches.

   Sixteen Urban Council personnel and 12 Scouts passed. The Urban Council personnel were:
   Inspector Fung Man-kam: Boat Coolie No. 18, Lo Yuk-cheung (Repulse Bay); Boat Coolie No. 17, Li Kit (Repulse Bay); Beach Coolie No. 1198, Liu On (Repulse Bay); Beach Coolie No. 1967, Chan Fung-sau (Repulse Bay); Beach Coolie No. 2627, Chan Fook-yau (Repulse Bay); Boat Coolie No. 19, Yip Cheunk (Shek O); Boat Coolie No. 6, Yung Yau (Shek O); Boat Coolie No. 20, Ching Nai-shun (Shek O); Beach Coolie No. 945, Chung Ping-chau (Shek O); Beach Coolie No. 1255, Chu Wai-ming (Shek O); Boat Coolie No. 10, Chiu Yiu (South Beach); Boat Coolie No. 5, Chan Kwel (Stanley); Beach Coolie No. 1039, Chan Yau-kan (Stanley); Beach Coolie No. 2328, Yau Chi-keung (Middle Beach); Beach Coolie No. 192, Lau Ying-tang (Deep Water Bay).
   The Kowloon Scouts were:
   Ng Man-yum (8th group); Ng Chuck-tong (8th group); Choi Pui-ming (8th group); Ng Chung-sing (11th group); Wong Yung-sang (11th group); Tong Wan-kung (11th group); Liu Pui-lum (11th group); Wong Cheung-yen (13th group); Hung Lai-chiu (17th group) and Cheung Ping-fun (21st group).
   The course started on August 10 with 23 men including 3 officers, Sixteen were tested yesterday.
   Dr. J.J.Fung was the lap truer while the instructor was Mr. Francis Loo. Chief inspector Rower conducted the examinations.
   Among those present were Chief Inspector C.H.Sheriff (Sanitation, Urban Council); the Commissioner for Kowloon Scouts, Brother Cassian; Overseas S.F.Ismail and S.B.Khan.
   Twelve Scouts took their intermediate and bronze medallions yesterday.


Instructor's certificate

   Mr. Kon (???), who was responsible for the training of the Scouts, presented the warrants, certificates as well as Ward of (???).

   The only officer eligible for the final yesterday was Inspector Fung Man-kam, who is in charge of all the beaches.
   The first group of 12 Urban Council beach personnel passed last year.
   Qualified personnel man life saving rafts, allotted to the seven bathing beaches under Government supervision. The seven beaches are: Repulse Bay; Shek O, Stanley; South Beach; Middle Beach; Deep Water Bay and Big Wave Bay.
   Their main duty is to keep watch over the bathers and to render help to those bathers found to be in difficulty.
   Besides this, the beach staff have to assist in maintaining sanitation at beaches.
   The theoretical part of the examination will be held on Saturday at the Police Training School, for the Urban Council staff.

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