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The China Mail.

Hong Kong, Thursday, September 21, 1950.

No. 34698.
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Boy Scouts present "Gang Show"

   An enterprising theatrical performance was presented by the Boy Scouts of Hong Kong at the European YMCA last night.
   Dubbed "Gang Show of 1950," it was produced by Captain J.Headlam, and played to a full house, made up mostly of Scouts, Wolf Cubs, their parents and Servicemen.
   The programme will be repeated tonight, when many official guests are expected to attend, including Mr. J.F.Nicoll, the Officer Administering the Government. Sir Arthur Morse, President of the Boy Scouts Association, will also be present.
   Divided into two parts with a short interval, the show featured 16 short skits. It began with a chorus singing the Hong Kong Boy Scouts Song, after which the show was introduced by the Deputy Colony Commissioner, Mr. F.Quah.
   An amusing item enabled a few Scouts to show their swingband prowess, and the audience was greatly amused by the barber service purported to be available at Sweeney Todd's.
   In the second part of the programme some members of the "gang" went to great expense to show the life being led in a Malayan bandit camp.
   "Home Sweet Home" recapitulated some nostalgic songs which showed how pleasant home life may sometimes be.
   The show concluded with a camp fire session, when the audience as well as the cast mingled their voices in a series of songs filled with the spirit of Scouting.
   Tickets, priced at $4, are still available for tonight's performance.
   The proceeds will go to the Anti Tuberculosis Fund.

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