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The China Mail.

Tuesday, February 27, 1951.

No. 34828
Page 8


Hongkong Boy Scouts To Be Entertained

London, Feb. 26.

   Hongkong Boy Scouts, visiting Britain in August for the London International Patrol Camp, will be entertained for part of their stay here by Boy Scouts in the North London suburb of Wood Green. This is to enable them to visit the Festival of Britain.
   More than thirty different countries have already agreed to send Scouts to the Camp. Before it opens, guest patrols from the World Jamboree in Austria will spend a week in the homes of London Scouts.
   Hosts and guests will then go on to camp in international patrols of from six to eight boys at Gilwell Park, just outside London.
   The camp will consist of a headquarters and seven area sub camps. The camp market square will include such services as a television tent, post office, bank and photographer.
   A highlight of the camp will be a visit to Arsenal stadium. After a tour behind the scenes it is hoped that a team of senior Scouts will play a football match against an Arsenal eleven.
   A camp badge has been designed, and a special hymn and a song are being written for the occasion.

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